Going Vegan: Expectations Vs Reality

Over the years, the expectations of Veganism have been warped and altered by the consequences of those that don’t understand it, making a lot of Vegan newbies unaware of what being a vegan is actually like.

Today, The Goodness Project have shared some of the most informative expectations vs realities when it comes to going vegan:

Expectation: You’ll only eat salad.

Reality: There’s way more to Veganism than salad, as great as it is. Veganism is all about cutting out animal-produce, not clean eating. A vegan diet isn’t made up solely of vegetables and fruit, nor is it required for them to be raw!

Let’s get real here; a lot of people see Veganism with an image in their head, seeing it as a way to eat only green leaves and water. The reality is that being a Vegan is nothing like this at all, you CAN eat cake and still be a vegan!

Expectation: You won’t have much choice when it comes to different foods and meals

Reality: Vegans have just as much choice as meat-eaters do when planning dinners, from curries to veggie stir-frys – Vegans aren’t just limited to salads.

While it might seem like breakfast could be the hardest meal when Vegan, it’s actually the opposite! There are plenty of alternatives to eggs, milk and other dairy produce that can turn your non-vegan breakfasts into vegan breakfasts.

Similarly, thanks to the increase of vegans around the world, and the growing popularity of Veganism, supermarkets and restaurants now tend to cater well for the likes of vegans and vegetarians. This makes eating out as a vegan as easy as it is for meat-eaters, while cooking up tasty vegan meals at home has never been easier.

Expectation: Vegan food will always be bland, boring and tasteless.

Reality: There are so many ways to cook and flavour your food, that it really couldn’t be further from the truth! The amount of Vegan social media accounts dedicated to vegan cooking show just how amazing vegan food can actually be, and how

Some popular ways to flavour your meals as a vegan include using basil pesto, sriracha sauce and nutritional yeast – all which you can buy in normal shops and supermarkets – not just vegan speciality stores!

Expectation: Vegans only eat the same two meals over and over again.

Reality: It’s very rare that vegans get bored of their food, as new recipes are being created all the time! Whether it’s a newer way of cooking an old favourite or a new recipe entirely, vegans are never short of new meals to try.

Expectation: Vegans must all look really healthy and well-nourished due to their diets

Reality: A vegan diet isn’t necessarily the best way to eat healthily! While some vegans do choose to stick to a healthy, balanced diet, it’s still possible to over-indulge in certain food groups or eat less fruit and veg than necessary.

While having a lot of choice in food is obviously important as a vegan, you still need to be able to eat healthily and know which foods should only be consumed in small amounts.

Meat-eaters can and do lead healthy lives too!

Expectation: You will lose weight as a vegan.

Reality: Just like meat-eaters, vegans come in all shapes and sizes, and not all vegans will lose weight just for changing diets.

While some people do lose weight when following a vegan diet, the same weight loss is just as common among those who stick to their normal diets too.

If looking to lose weight, switching to Veganism isn’t always a quick and easy solution, and it’s always best to speak to a professional before making any dramatic lifestyle changes.

It’s true that Veganism isn’t always simple at first, but once you get the hang of things it’s actually pretty easy.

You can do lots of research online for recipes, advice and guidance on how to eat as a vegan, so don’t ever feel like you’re on your own!

When it comes to going Vegan, the most helpful thing to remember is that it’s an entirely personal journey, and everyone has their own reasons for doing it. If something doesn’t feel right for you, then you’re under no obligation to do it, and if you love the lifestyle then that’s great – there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t stick with it!

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