AverickMedia Launches the Dentist Email List to Meet Market Demand in the Healthcare Industry

Houston, Texas, United States of America [16th December 2020]: AverickMedia, the company that had been releasing healthcare-related contact databases for B2B marketers, in the past three months had identified the growing demand among B2B marketers to connect with dentists, which led them to compile the widespread and new data of dentists. The dentists email list, which was released lately, formed a high number of buyers in the B2B industry, which led the company to draw priority on oral health providers.

The dentists email list from AverickMedia contains information that is inclusive of phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, fax numbers, full names, and site addresses. Along with this extra information, the company has brought forward over sixty customization parameters for their buyers. These customization parameters begin from the type of license, names, affiliations, incomes, experience, and much more. The dentists have so far become one of the most sought professionals in the industry, with the highest patient visits each year, leading them to be the most focused professional in the healthcare industry.

The Business Development Manager of the Company said,” The launch of the dentist email list is for businesses to effectively connect with the dentist all around the world without the struggles of intermediaries, excess of expenditure or time wastage,”

Dentists are now one of the core decision-makers when it comes to the oral healthcare industry, and they are one of every business’s targeted set of audience. From a time when a dentist appointment was a most dreaded one to every American meeting a dentist at least once a year, their priority has raised. Dentists are growing by 3% every year, and that is different by only 3% of the growth rate of physicians.

The company states businesses can connect with 80% of the dentist in the industry, where there are 200,419 dentists with the dentist’s email list. And businesses are said to be enabled to connect with dentists whose income is above the average bar too. That is above $204,710 and who old high-end authoritative power in their oral healthcare affiliation.

About AverickMedia:

AverickMedia has been a world-known database provider for the past decade. Businesses find AverickMedia to be a trusted data-partner for all of their marketing needs. The company is also known to be the only transparent data provider with accurate and precise data. Along with its database services, the company is also a market leader in terms of advanced data management services.

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