Apple Watch first evaluation: Apple’s new beginning

Apple’s emphasis on its first smartwatch product has reached an unprecedented level.

Before it, they had almost never seen them hold two press conferences for a product. Before it went on the market, they shot more than ten videos to introduce various details of it, or invited celebrities to blog for it every day.

According to Unshared News resources it will be the first brand new product released after Tim Cook took the helm of Apple, which proves that Apple’s innovation remains undiminished, or that it will become a new chapter for the company.

Exterior of Apple Watches

Latest Technology News said, many people complained to the renderings on the computer screen why it was not round. Today, half a year later, most people have accepted it, and the acceptance has gradually increased over time, especially It is a user group of 20-30 years old, and many people even think that this is the unique design of Apple that distinguishes other manufacturers. 

In the Apple Watch live experience in early March, we talked about this square design. From a functional perspective, it is because Apple’s design director Jonathan believes that the square screen is more convenient to read list-like notifications (it’s all UI or button layouts). All are based on a square screen design); in addition, this design also has a source-the final shape of the Apple Watch originated from the Cartier Santos watch series in 1904, which may help Apple prove that high-end watches are also square.

Strictly speaking, “Apple Watch” is not a product, but a variety of products in three series. Each series has two different sizes, 38 and 42 mm, and a variety of different colors, as well as different materials and styles. With choice, this makes it the most diverse product in Apple’s history.

The Sina mobile phone got a 42mm stainless steel case with a Milanese strap Apple Watch. The actual thickness of 12.5mm is not thin. But Apple’s products are exquisite in craftsmanship. The stainless-steel case, sapphire crystal mirror, and zirconia are superbly blended together, and every part of the body is polished extremely delicately. Every corner of the square body or the joints of parts are processed into arcs, which feels warm to the touch and makes it look a little smaller than it actually is.

Before actually wearing it, I was worried that the raised back would cluck my hands, but after using it, I found that there was no need to worry about it. Zirconia itself is a very hard material, because it is handled properly, there is no hard or cold touch at all.

The materials used in the three different styles of Apple Watch are different, but the appearance and component positions are the same: the right side of their fuselage is equipped with a digital crown, which is used for page turning, zooming, or recalling operations. The long side buttons below are useful in different situations, such as long pressing the switch or clicking to call up frequently used contacts; as for the specific functions of these two buttons, we will talk about them in detail in the function section below.

The touch of the two buttons is very good. Although the digital crown is similar to a traditional watch, it can be rotated infinitely. The slight damping has achieved a good balance of operation and precision. Both buttons have the operation of pressing inward, with moderate force. When pressed to the side, the watch will not distort much.

Apple Watch does not pursue a borderless design. The curved screen edge and black UI greatly weaken this point. If it is not specially reminded, almost no one can notice the border. The watch does not automatically rotate the screen like a mobile phone. In order to adapt to different wearing habits, you can choose to wear it on the left hand or the right hand in the settings of the watch or mobile phone. It is easy to operate, but at this time it will become the side button on the top and the digital crown on the bottom

Whether it is a sports version with a price of more than 2,000 yuan or an Edition version with a price of more than 120,000, Apple Watch is sold in a complete set, and the main body of the watch is sold together with at least one strap. If necessary, you can also purchase other straps. According to different collocations, the same Apple Watch will have different wearing and visual experience.

Creating different styles through different collocations and adapting to different scenarios is a major selling point of Apple Watch, and it is also a point that distinguishes it from competitors.

The test watch I chose is a 42mm stainless steel case with a Milanese strap, and two separate straps are added. The secret of Apple Watch’s ever-changing strap is a small spring bump on the buckle, which allows it to be buckled tightly on the watch.

The Milanese watch can be said to be a multi-purpose watch band. It is made of metal. The tightness can be adjusted at will through the magnetic buckle. It is durable and breathable, and can be matched with different clothing styles.

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