9 Basic T-Shirts Types that you should have in Your Wardrobe

T-Shirts are the lifeline of any clothing and wear. Yes, there is no doubt, if you could think City life without a T-Shirt especially, is near to impossible. They are incredibly long-lasting and relaxing to wear and mind you they look even better when they get old and faded as they get more comfortable. No doubt there are 100 stories embedded in the washed-out threads. The years to get there and the process gone through is well worth it. The best T-shirts are not complicated, but because of their easiness, the smallest details have significant effects. The material, the seams, the silhouette, the hem, the neckline and the knit; wow all count in this. All these parts come together to create a garment that surpasses social and economic divisions in so many ways. So if you invest in a quality tee now, you’re bound to enjoy the garment as it just gets better and better. So for the 9 basic t-shirts types that you should have in your wardrobe, follow the details here;

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T-Shirt Cotton Fabric

This T-shirt made of cotton fabric is a special treat in summer times especially.  This garment-dyed with natural enzymes means it’ll feel broken in from the first wear. It features a generous fit and a high neckline.

Organic T-Shirt

Made from organic cotton, this shirt is loosely knit in such a way that it feels likes airy. It goes well with its relaxed silhouette. The garment-dye process also gives the this T-shirt a more defined character.

The V-neck T-shirt

Initially designed to conceal an undershirt if the first few buttons of an over shirt were undone, today it is worn on as the topmost piece of clothing. The V-neck T-shirt is often worn as a piece of evident clothing that shines in its own right. It’s no longer a T-shirt that you wear underneath dress shirts and polo shirts only, but it can be worn on its own on a warm summer’s day.

The Ringer Type T-Shirt

The ringer T-shirt adeptly seems somewhat identical to any other basic T-shirt with a crew-neck collar. However, uniqueness matters when small details come into noting. The key is being stylish. This ringer T-shirt has contrasting bands on both the neckline and sleeve hems, as seen. Though a minor highlight it is utterly intriguing, which makes it so stylish.

The Basic Half-Sleeve T-Shirt

Yes speaking broadly, this is one of the most famous and simple types of T-shirts of this fast era. The basic half-sleeve T-shirt is exactly as it is described. The main character is that a gender-neutral T-shirt; that you’ll find plenty of men and women wearing. Part of its appeal to everybody is that the crew neckline is gratifying and well-suited to people of all body shapes and types.

The V-neck T-shirt.

The V-neck T-shirt might seem to have a weird design for a piece of clothing, but it has an interesting story. It was formally designed at first to conceal an undershirt if the first few buttons of an over shirt were undone. In today’s times, the V-neck T-shirt is often worn as a piece of unconcealed clothing that shines in its own right. It’s no longer a T-shirt that people hide below other clothes. It’s still a great type of T-shirt to wear under the dress shirts or polo shirts, but it can be warm on its own on a sunny day.

Ringer T-Shirt

On the outward look, the ringer T-shirt might seems identical to any other basic T-shirt with a crew-neck collar. However, the ringer is unique in its own rite, so don’t be fooled. Remember, the small details really matter when it comes to fashion. That’s the key to being stylish. The ringer T-shirt has contrast bands on the neckline and sleeve hems. This is a somewhat restrained detail, but it’s one that really makes this style of T-shirt look utterly absorbing.

The Cap-Sleeve T-Shirt

A classic T-shirt with a revealing crew neckline, but it’s defined by its cap sleeves. It’s a type of T-shirt with very short sleeves and feels really good for somebody who feels that ordinary T-shirts have sleeves which are too long but vest T-shirts are too much. The cap-sleeve T-shirt is for you if you don’t want or like sleeveless T-shirts. No doubt, the cap-sleeve T-shirt is for somebody who’s just looking to make that fashion statement.

The Pocket T-Shirt

One of the most popular wears which are in itself glitzy, eccentric and wildly popular too. The pocket T-shirt is practical stylish and one of the most common wear today. It makes its own fashion statement and the personality often follows next. It features a small pocket which is both useful for storing small items and aesthetically captivating. It serves as a fashion statement for most people, as many of the T-shirt types mentioned above.

Have Them All

Yes, you can have them all is what can be said as they are such great wear of all times. Wearing a T-shirt with a quote makes it even more awesome. Just one quote here for you “Work hard in Silence and let the success make the noise is just an idea. You can have hundreds of such more, up to you.

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