10 Best Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building in 2021

Virtual escape room games are the new craze of our generation. These online adventure thrillers enable participants to connect via a video calling platform and step into a thrilling adventure. As we all know, the participants have to fathom their way out of the mind baffling conundrums and perplexing mysteries. To make it more exciting, virtual escape room games also have a specific time limit. The participants are required to solve the mysteries before the clock stops ticking. 

Virtual escape room games aim on providing a breathtaking escapade to all their customers. They are interestingly intended to provide an energizing adrenaline surge to all the participants. One of the best parts about a virtual escape room game is that it improves cooperation, encourages interaction, and provides an immersive experience. 

If you are someone who is on the hunt for the best virtual escape room game for team-building activities, you have come to just the right place! This article talks about the top 10 virtual escape rooms for team building in 2021.  

10 Best Virtual Escape Rooms 

1. The Panic Room – Sherlock Holmes Detective Story

If you are a great fan of murder mysteries and the famous Sherlock Holmes, you are surely in for a treat! This virtual escape room game takes you back from 1912 to the era of Sherlock Holmes. You and your team are set out on a spine-chilling mission to investigate the heart-throbbing mysteries. If your team is anywhere around 16 players this escape room brand is perfect for your group.

2. Murder in Ancient Egypt

This is a popular virtual event that has adopted a concept similar to escape room games. The main challenge here is to unravel the perplexing mysteries and baffling riddles. It is perfect for team building as the participants are split into various breakout rooms. The task is to brainstorm together and solve a challenging murder mystery. This is a 90-minute escapade that includes a professional guide to help you throughout your game.

3. Escape Hunt – The Heist

This escape room brand is extensively popular for its heart palpitating thrillers. The designers have miraculously curated some of the best features that make it a perfect destination for team building and group activities. Escape Hunt offers several rooms but one that stands out the most is The Heist. 

All the players are locked up inside a mind baffling escape room where their mission is to carry out the greatest heist ever in history. The best part about this virtual escape room adventure is that it is a 90 minutes escapade where all the members can easily participate.

4. Brain Chase

This is one of the most immersive escape room games out there. This brand introduces new challenges every week. Not only that but their approach is slightly different than the usual brands. They have adopted an educational approach towards their riddles and puzzles. You can find challenges varying from different topics like engineering, reading, photography, coding, and so forth. But, wait – that’s not all! The website also claims to offer a $100 price to the winner who successfully decodes the puzzle of the month.

5. Mystery Escape Room

The Mystery Escape Room is a perfect destination to challenge your detective skills. All their escapades are uniquely amalgamated revolving around the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. The intriguing storylines intrigue you to think out of the ordinary and solve perplexing mysteries. This virtual escape room allows you to include up to 8 players. Moreover, you also have a game guide to help you throughout your adventure.

6. Know Escape’s Online Escape Rooms

If you’re looking for an adventurous escapade to help you connect with people around the globe, we have got just the right option for you. This escape room brand offers the perfect opportunity to set on a mission along with individuals from around the world. Their escape room adventures range around £50. It is required to make a booking as per your preferred time slots to immerse yourself in their adventure thrillers.

7. 60 Out

This is one of the most popular escape room brands. Their virtual escape room games are perfect for a large group. 60 OUT provides you an incredible chance to interact with strangers and unravel the nerve-wracking mysteries in their thriller rooms. This escape room brand is admired by game enthusiasts around the globe for its diverse storylines. Whether you want to escape from the clutches of a barbarous serial killer or you want to time travel with your best buddies, you can easily do so at the 60OUT virtual escape room game.

8.Trapped in the Web

This is another world-famous escape room game. Now you can play the virtual version of Trapped In The Web from any corner of the world! This brand has adopted an out-of-the-box strategy that includes text-based challenges. The team is required to fathom their way out of the challenging web of riddles with the help of video as well as picture elements.

9. The Panic Room

If you are a large group with a lot of members then The Panic Room is the perfect option for you. They aim on providing immersive storylines that indulge the senses of all the participants. Moreover, you can easily partake in their exciting escapades with the help of even a mobile phone! These puzzles and mysteries are creatively designed to encourage team spirit among all the players.

10. Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

If you have always been a fan of murder mysteries that shudder your spine, this virtual escape room has your name written on it! This virtual escape room game urges the participants to bring out their inner detective and set on a mission to solve a murder case. It is perfect for team-building activities as individuals are required to grab the hints and clues, keep track of time and unravel the nerve-wracking mysteries.

Wrapping Up 

Team building is an important factor that plays a major role in any business. In order to enhance productivity and efficiency, it is important to create a healthy working environment within an organization. 

One of the most effective ways to boost team spirit is with the help of a virtual escape room game. These online adventures encourage the participants to interact freely and support the camaraderie among the players. Moreover, these games urge the participants to cooperate uninhibitedly with one another.

Thus, if you’re searching for an adventurous journey to promote team spirit, make your bookings for your favorite virtual escape room today!

This article talks about the Best and Top 10 virtual escape games for team-building in 2021. We believe that this article will assist and help you pick your favorite one! 

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