8 Paracetamol Guidelines for Patients

Paracetamol is such a common drug that we often tend to take it even without consulting a doctor. However, this practice is not safe until you have an in-depth understanding about Paracetamol medicine.

Thus, to help, in this blog post, Farmson as Paracetamol Bulk Drug Manufacturers and Paracetamol Suppliers sums a basic guideline about Paracetamol medicine for improved understanding of patients.

  • Forms of Paracetamol

Paracetamol can be taken in different forms such as capsule, tablet, suppository, effervescent injection, granule, and soluble tablet. Choose your form of Paracetamol medicine only after consulting a doctor and based on the condition of your body.

  • Doctor consultation for Paracetamol

Breastfeeding women, pregnant women and patients with kidney problems must particularly discuss with doctor before beginning any Paracetamol medicine course.

Patients taking medicines like Colestyramine, Metoclopramide or Warfarin must consult doctors before taking Paracetamol in any form.

Farmson as one of the well-known pharmaceutical companies of India recommends every patient to do a Paracetamol medicine dosage before beginning to take it. Farmson has their own Paracetamol manufacturing plant.

  • Time gap between Paracetamol medications

A 4-hour gap should be maintained between any two Paracetamol dosage.

  • Maximum Paracetamol dosage for patients

Any patient can take maximum 4 doses of Paracetamol medicine in a span of 24-hours.

  • Paracetamol for children

Children must be given Paracetamol only upon doctor’s recommendation. Children under the age of 10 must not be given Paracetamol 500mg.

Farmson has been manufacturing Paracetamol bulk drugs for years now.

  • Paracetamol and antibiotic combination

In case you combine Paracetamol with an antibiotic, ensure you complete the entire course of the both the medicines.

  • Paracetamol for Covid-19 positive patients

Paracetamol can be taken by Covid-19 positive patients. However, doctor consultancy is must for planning the Paracetamol medicine course for Covid-19 patients.

  • Storing and using Paracetamol

Store Paracetamol in normal temperature and in a closed box. Keep it out of children’s reach. Do not take Paracetamol medicine that has crossed its expiry date.

This blog post about ‘8 Paracetamol Guidelines for Patients’ is compiled by Farmson who has been manufacturing Paracetamol for years now.  Farmson is also a Paracetamol Powder Manufacturer who offers Paracetamol Powder Product.

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