5 reasons why celebrities are moving towards Lab Grown Diamonds in UK

Over the last few years, the world has seen a lot of celebrities, singers, actors and other artists, etc. move towards lab grown diamonds as opposed to the naturally mined ones which were considered to be super rare, and ‘celeb-worthy’. But why this sudden change? Let’s find out.

1.  The ethical choice

The most common and popular reason that celebrities are now moving towards lab grown diamonds is simply because of its making process. Naturally mined diamonds are dug out from below the Earth using heavy machinery and by rupturing the surface of the planet to a great extent. This process has been going on for centuries now and the side effects are evident in terms of deforestation, soil erosion, shifting of the tectonic plates of the Earth, etc. Lab grown diamonds on the other hand are made inside a laboratory with no harm to the planet. Lab grown diamonds UK are ethical, moral and the right choice for the benefit of nature and so many celebrities are now recognizing the risks associated with natural diamonds and are moving closer to lab grown or man-made ones.

2. More colours available

No doubt natural diamonds are available in many beautiful colours but the options are limited and at the disposal of nature. With lab grown diamonds however, the options are limitless as man can experiment with a variety of chemicals and natural or artificial elements. Diamonds get their colours because of various elements mixed with the carbon seed during the making process, for instance, Boron mixed with the seed gives a blue coloured diamond. So, there are countless options and many delightful colours to choose from making jewellery all the more appealing.

3. Inexhaustible supply

The diamonds that are mined today have been formed hundreds and thousands of years ago under the surface of the Earth. Their supply is exhaustible. Since the mines have been dug out, the chances of the same diamond formation taking place there is less likely as now they are exposed to air and do not have the same pressure and temperature as before. Lab grown diamonds, on the other hand, are formed within a month’s time and so you can imagine the large amount of endless supply. This is another reason why they are becoming a favourite of celebrities in UK and all over the world, especially for Wedding rings London.

4. Trendy and in fashion

Lab grown diamond jewellery is trending since the past decade. It is in fashion and celebrities are always up-to-date with the latest fashion, just like bespoke engagement rings Hatton Garden. With a wise variety of options for lab grown diamond jewellery, its popularity has skyrocketed and celebrities have now chosen to opt for this dazzling beauty that is just as real as a naturally mined diamond.

5. Style statement with a message

And last but not the least, wearing lab grown diamonds is simply making a statement that’s more than just stylish; it’s a statement for nature, for the planet and for the conservation of our future generations. Celebrities have a large fan following and they have chosen to make the most of it by giving people something ethical to follow and get inspired by. People who have questions like- are lab grown diamonds are original and ethical, the answer is yes.

The Bottom Line

Maybe the world finally is moving towards a sustainable and better future one step at a time, and this just might be one of those little steps. Nevertheless, it’s a great initiative by celebrities and we hope that soon everyone follows their footsteps, at least for this cause.

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