4 Ways to Improve Your Sporting Performance in 2022

Whether you’re interested in winning more competitions or you’d like the attempt to go professional in your given sport, there are plenty of reasons why you might be seeking to improve your performance levels. Those who are most ambitious and competitive are always interested in the marginal gains that they can secure in order to make themselves better athletes and more impressive players. This guide shares just four of the ways in which you can chase better sporting performances this year – helping you to achieve your wider sporting goals.


In elite sports, there are hundreds of statistics gathered on each and every player. This data is generally referred to by pundits to show who has a particularly good game and who is performing well across a particular sporting season. While you won’t have access to this level of data, you can still monitor your performance when you’re playing sport. You can use a wearable to check your heart rate and the number of steps you make each game, or you can buy other sporting wearables that are designed to collect key data that’ll show you if you’re working hard enough or harder than usual, in your training and competitions.


All great sportspeople have a team around them. This team will consist primarily of a coach or a trainer, who will oversee how that sportsperson trains. You’ll want a good coach if you’re to progress as a sporting athlete, and you may wish to find a new coach if you’re finding your current one uninspiring. Meanwhile, there are several other roles you should look to fill in your sporting life. Get a sports massage from an expert massage therapist in order to recover quicker from training, and get a physiotherapist to help you make the most of your body and your muscles.

New Routine

If you’re interested in getting more fit as a way to make your entire sporting performance better, you should concentrate on instituting a new regime or routine to help you get more hours of training in per week. It’s usually the case that the more training you do each week, the more fit you’ll become. If most of your exercise is currently cardiovascular, you’ll get far fitter by doing more of it; if most of it is muscular, you’ll gain more muscle by putting in more hours in the gym.


The fascinating realm of sports psychology can give individual sportspeople lessons in how they can set goals and achieve them in their personal lives. To give you an example, you may well find that motivational music is brilliant for getting you “in the zone” before a crunch tie with a rival team. Other incentives – or punishments – can help you train with more motivation, keeping your eye on the ball and setting ambitious objectives that you’re striving to fulfil. A great way to start understanding the power of minds in sport is to read a book about it – several of which are available online.

These tips will help you make marginal gains in your sporting performance in 2022 and beyond.

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