Why Attend Roedean Sixth Form?

186 girls attend Roedean Sixth Form in Brighton. Each receives a bespoke education, tailored around the A Levels they choose to study. Roedean also offers a wealth of opportunities and experiences that enrich students’ A Level studies, all within the Sixth Form’s caring community.

From lectures and electives to the Pathways Programme and Academic Mentoring Project, Roedean Sixth Form offers an array of opportunities for students to develop their skills and passions.

A Smooth Transition From Roedean School to Roedean Sixth Form

Roedean School provides all the academic and pastoral support students need to flourish at GCSE level. Offering 23 GCSE subjects, Roedean School guides students through individually designed programmes that lead seamlessly into their A Level studies.

Roedean’s senior team oversees this student journey. Head Niamh Green leads the senior team, which will now welcome new members as the long-serving Head Oliver Blond and Head of School Talia Keller have stepped down.

With all Sixth Form facilities onsite, Roedean encourages students to transition smoothly from GCSE to A Level.

Seven Highlights That Make Roedean Sixth Form Special

These seven features emphasise why Roedean stands out against other sixth forms.

1. 23 Subjects in Small Teaching Groups = Record A Level Results

With 23 subjects available to study, students can select the subjects they are passionate about. Roedean Sixth Form subjects span four pathways:

  1. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM).
  2. Business, Economics, and Enterprise.
  3. Society.
  4. Creative and Performing Arts.

Learning in small groups of up to 15 students allows the girls to receive dedicated support from teaching staff. These staff cultivate a positive, collaborative learning setting where they encourage students to take academic risks and achieve outstanding results.

In 2022, Roedean Sixth Form achieved its best-yet A Level examination results:

  • 71% of grades were A-A*.
  • 30% of grades were A*.
  • 19 students achieved two or more A* grades.
  • Over half of the students achieved three or more A grades.
  • 83% of Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) students achieved A*-A grades.

2. Roedean’s Pathways Programme

Sixth Form students also partake in Roedean’s Pathways Programme. Students select one of the four pathways listed above to pursue additional studies. These studies help girls hone their skills above and beyond their A Levels and prepare for their desired careers.

3. Electives

Every student in Year 12 takes an Elective for one hour each week. Some girls opt for subject-specific enrichment, such as Roedean’s Medical Extension Group. Others select a class that is completely separate from their A Level studies, such as the Introduction to Psychology or a new language.

4. Extended Project Qualification

Students may also take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which allows them to research an area of personal interest. Students complete 120 hours of work: 90 hours researching their project and 30 hours learning skills from Roedean staff. Worth 28 UCAS points, the EPQ makes for a fantastic addition to university applications.

5. Academic Mentoring Project

Year 12 students take part in the Academic Mentoring Project, which sees them research and give a presentation on a topic of their choice. An external specialist shows students how to engage their audiences in their presentations.

6. Sixth Form Top University Programme

Roedean students attend Sixth Form Top University sessions every week to develop their academic learning. During these sessions, students:

  • Shape their critical thinking skills.
  • Partake in national competitions and challenges.
  • Develop their interview techniques.
  • Create an extended research and reading portfolio.
  • Compile one-to-one Oxbridge session notes.
  • Deliver a Year 12 research seminar on a topic that links to the subject they have chosen to study at university.

7. Student Leadership Positions

Sixth Form students pursue several opportunities that allow them to develop their leadership skills. For example, they deliver lecturers and take the lead in Chapel and assemblies for all year groups.

Year 12 students can also take on roles as:

  • House prefects.
  • Peer listeners.
  • House play and music competition directors.
  • School council and Roedean Mission Committee members.

In the final term of Year 12, students can take on the highest leadership positions. Following a student election, Roedean announces its latest prefect team. This team includes the head girls and pastoral prefects, who help run activities for younger tutorial groups.

Prefects receive external leadership training, which helps them shape their communication, teamwork, project management, presentation, and leadership skills.

At the end of Year 12, students also pair up with a student who is about to join Roedean Sixth Form. They offer guidance, support, and friendship to the new Sixth Form students.

Plus, many Year 12 students take over the running of Roedean School’s societies. These societies include the Science Ambassadors, Amnesty International, Med-Soc, and LGBTQ+ Society, amongst others.

Helping Students Secure University of Oxford Places

Roedean dedicates itself to helping students reach the achievements they need to secure places on their first-choice university courses.

Many students aim to study at the University of Oxford. Having fostered a partnership with Lancing College, Roedean works with the college to host the Oxbridge Interview Forum and an annual Scholars’ Dinner. Roedean also holds a UCAS Day and Oxbridge Evening every year.

In 2022, 73% of students achieved the grades they needed to secure places at their first-choice university, including Oxbridge.

Roedean Sixth Form Life

Sixth Form life at Roedean isn’t all about studying. Students have access to a range of high-end facilities to socialise and relax, too. Girls enjoy spending time in Keswick Hall, Horizon’s Café, the Roedean fitness suite, and co-curricular clubs.

When it comes to boarding, all Sixth Form students have their own study bedroom. They can also make use of the Sixth Form centre and house snugs.

Roedean’s Holistic Learning Model

Roedean School and Sixth Form uphold a holistic learning model that helps students develop their intellectual curiosity, social awareness, creativity, passions, resilience, and confidence. With these skills, students are well-prepared to thrive in their higher education and careers.

Learn more about what makes Roedean Sixth Form an ideal choice for girls.

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