What is the Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Startups?

Where the world was at a standstill, confused, Socially distant, and masked up, The COVID-19 Pandemic did take a lot of energy away from us all but also taught us that life has something new to offer and in all circumstances, one must always believe that something better is coming.

On one hand where we were losing patience and giving up our hopes on life, as everything was still. Not knowing how to go about it, tiny matters like visiting a health care center were not a tiny matter anymore, in the time of social distancing. Health care services were restricted and couldn’t reach the needful, thus affecting the business.

We did go through hard times but came up with better solutions. Technology has always been a boon, Automation, Ai, Data Analytics, Structured Robotic Programs offered amazing solutions to tedious health care issues.

Where COVID-19 Pandemic had gulped many physical jobs leaving a void in the healthcare industry, Technology took the charge and offered better solutions. In scenarios where physical meetings were next to impossible, electronic devices like Smartphones, I-pads, Laptops with fast internet services took charge with speed. An outburst of software and mobile app development streams, an automation revolution in the IT sector boosted and made life better.

What is the Mobile App?

Mobile Application (App) is a software application installed on your phone or desktop computer that has a bunch of features that allow you to get better work results efficiently. The Mobile App business has triggered immense growth in the world economy in many sectors including the health care sector.

Health care startups have benefited mightily as every improved feature only helped healthcare to grow and reach people.

Technology takes the charge…!!!!

How Mobile Apps Boosted Healthcare Business During Pandemic?

Telehealth application implementation raised 38X high before the pandemic. Almost 32% traffic rise in telehealth visitors, overall 13% to 17% growth in overall specialties. It all was possible due to healthcare applications being well developed with amazing features. AI tools and Automation dissolved the patient-doctor distance and can now effectively have online consultations. From patient registration and fixing a doctor’s appointment to bill payment and recovery reports everything was made easy and accessible by using the right app.

Our smartphones are smart devices that can control health aspects as well. Technology has made this possible. Applications with innovative and constructive features only help in raising health care business growth.

AI and Technology transforming the healthcare sector.

How Mobile Apps are Efficient and Empowering?

EHR- Electronic Health Record App

Electronic collection of patients’ health history records stored digitally on one platform. All clinical data consists of patients’ health history, diagnosis, treatment stages, medicine story, progress notes, vital signs summary, laboratory data, specialty report. It connects patient-clinical links to study the progression. Maintain comfortable communication strings for better medical analysis.

Generates improved and accurate health reports. Both patient and clinical authorities are well informed and help maintain all medical procedures like tests and reports to string on time with precision, thus reducing errors in any reports.

Medical Database App

All biomedical research, health care reports, case studies, medicine all academic detailed collection of resources that provide monetary worth updates scientific study material. Including web data, articles, reports, and essential research information.

Disease  Diagnosis App

Includes corresponding symptoms detection, early signs of disease, indications, and signals. Provides awareness and steps to take care in any situation. Details on disease detection and accurate precautions, nutritional guidelines, diet charts, video guide, and expert advice and counseling. User-Friendly interface for easy access.

Electronic imaging App

Electronic image updates the patient and physician on treatment stages, saving the possibility of losing physical field records. All essential reports like x-rays, sonography reports, radiology, neurology reports, etc are saved and secured digitally. Features like “image share” allow patients and specialists to access reports for study and treatment processes.


Easy to use, so handy that saves a good amount of time and paperwork, professionals can check the e-prescription history for case clarity, Add notes for better understanding for patients. Gets accurate patient diagnostic reports.


With the help of telecommunication and video facilities, nursing homes, clinical departments, hospitals can provide remote healthcare facilities. Saving patients time to commute and can get emergency attention.

Health Track record App

Certainly making its way to people’s hearts this app helps and adds an important quotient to a health check. Promoting health trends around the globe, being fit is the new high. It’s the most satisfying experience to track one’s daily health, nutrition, diet, walk, B.P, heart rate, pulse rate activities. Availing chat consultations, fitness, and goal settings.

How are Healthcare Market Growth and COVID-19 related?

The healthcare market was estimated at 11.17 billion in 2018 and is predicted to grow to 47.57 billion by 2026. COVID-19 Pandemic plays a major role in the rise of the medical economy. This has been possible due to the technical transformation in the advanced AI and Mobile App development community in the IT industry.

The pandemic had shaken the major economy of the world. Government and private sectors, health, and education systems everything was taken away by the covid wave.

Market pressure was affecting the healthcare industry in various ways thus reducing business growth.

AI and IT security systems stepped in and took over the market in full swing by an innovative explosion of applications in the healthcare industry.

The magical collaboration of the Medical and IT industry saved the downfall and uplifted the economy.

By providing an in-hand solution in hospitals from ground level to the uppermost department, this electronic connection connected and saved the world.

The most important role still was to gain trust and provide high-level security. Mobile apps did provide all security checks and took over the pandemic wave, only to provide secured medical solutions to the world.

Automation and Innovation made life easy and good to go.

One-click report generation to error-free and user-friendly online consultancy helped to boost the healthcare IT company’s growth.

Every automation has a story, the strong connection between healthcare business growth and the mobile application development industry has its own story of evolution in the post-pandemic world.

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