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Monay, the world’s first Total wellness Ai chat assistant, helps users realise that “true happiness is not just about money”

A pioneering app that uses cutting-edge Ai-powered conversational chat to improve users’ wellness has been launched by tech firm INATIGO.

Monay is being billed as the world’s first total wellness Ai chat assistant and was inspired by the increase in issues arising from the coronavirus pandemic and climate change emergency.

Monay is the brainchild of award-winning innovation firm INATIGO, which was a finalist in three categories at this year’s UK FinTech awards, including Innovator of the Year and Team of the Year.

Its co-founder, Elemi Atigolo, said: “We believe that the ‘make-up’ of true happiness and wellness is multidimensional, with financial, physical, environmental, social and mental all interconnected and contributing to a person’s overall feeling of happiness and holistic wellness.”

The all-in-one wellness platform, known as the ‘Monay Club’, uses Monay’s wellness assistant and Ai ‘coaches’ to chat with users and teach programmes designed to help improve their financial, eco, mental and physical wellness.

The club also offers an “exclusive community of like-minded individuals” access to live events, human experts, 1-2-1 counselling and other tools to “upgrade” users’ well-being and better equip them to handle the pressures that have spiralled since the start of the pandemic.

Designed for both consumers and employees, Monay also provides a corporate wellness offering that includes biohacking and optimal performance strategies.

INATIGO has previously developed the successful and award-winning conversational chat and voice assistant solutions Alda Ai and Finley Ai.

Elemi Atigolo added: “We designed Monay to be a new means of tackling the well-being issues that have increased significantly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. As we now know more clearly than ever before, happiness is not all about money.”

Co-founder Ashlea Atiglo added: “We believe that when times are tough, Monay is a friend you can rely on to provide knowledge and support within issues we know of and face on a daily basis. We’ve made Monay and the Monay Club a one-stop-place to help like-minded individuals improve and unlock their full potential. We’re on a mission to help to make the world a happier, greener and healthier place.”

Early access to Monay and the Monay Club is currently invite-only in both the US & UK. People can sign up to the Monay waiting list here.

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