Fabric Blends That Go Well With Each Other

A lot of manufacturers combine two or more upholstery fabrics to produce one fabric for a lot of reasons. There is increasing popularity for blended upholstery fabrics because it produces better performance compared when using each one of them separately. Consider polyester and cotton, for example, it creates an upholstery fabric with better absorbent. Aside from that, blending fabrics would mean an improved texture and reduced cost. Ultimately, it can lead to the production of cross-dyed effects and improvement in the spinning, weaving, and finishing process. Continue reading to know when the blended fabrics started and some of the most popular ones today.

How did the blended fabrics start?

Before the availability of man-made fibers, manufacturers were using upholstery fabrics made from natural materials like flax plants and cotton. They had varying fiber content, weight, style, and sheen but their common features include high durability, non-allergenic properties, and fire resistance. However, they were expensive and had qualities that were difficult to maintain.

During the late 1880s and early 1990s, the commercial production of man-made fiber became available. The upholstery fabrics they produced addressed the issues they had with the ones made from natural fibers. Upholstery fabrics that were commercially manufactured had better resistance to water and stain, and had higher durability, and came with a more affordable price tag. But of course, there were still disadvantages including low water absorbent and is prone to skin allergies. People at that time realized that if they combine several fabrics into one, they can reduce the disadvantages and increase the advantages.

The best upholstery fabrics blends to try in 2021

1.    Cotton and Polyester

Despite the soft, light, and cool texture, cotton is being blended with polyester. Since it is easily damaged, it must be combined with polyester to make the final upholstery fabrics durable, strong, and can last longer than using cotton alone. In addition, polyester is capable of withstanding shrinkage and wrinkles.

Blending cotton and polyester to manufacture apparel like shirts and dresses is a great idea. The blended material will surely be durable containing the right color, soft, and light texture. It may not be as breathable as cotton alone but it offers advantages that allow the upholstery fabrics to last a lifetime.

2.    Nylon and Wool

Wool is a popular fabric option as it is being used as a natural insulator during cool and warm environments. The reason behind this is that it is a fabric with good wicking properties. The downside of this material is that it causes itchiness to the body. To solve this problem, manufacturers decided to blend it with nylon fabric. In this way, the wearer would no longer feel uncomfortable when wearing apparel made from wool materials. Despite this change, it will still have the same durability and resistance to wrinkle and shrinkage.

3.    Nylon and Acetate

A lot of people love nylon fabrics because of their great benefits including excellent durability and resistance to shrinkage. You can also stretch it as much as you want. It has a soft texture and you can easily dry it out however, it is not as luxurious as compared to other fabrics. To make it attractive, it is best to blend it with acetate which looks like rayon.

4.    Ramie and Polyester

Ramie has a lot of great features making it a popular fabric option. It is made from strong natural fibers with an attractive and bright appearance. It can withstand unfavorable conditions such as the presence of extreme heat, insects, mildew, light, and acids. However, it can’t resist wrinkles making it the least loved fabric for apparel. To have the needed resistance, it is blended with durable polyester materials.

5.    Linen and Silk

You can’t stretch a linen fabric so expect that it will break down when folded or ironed. It is highly absorbent and features a cool texture and natural luster but a lot of people do not buy it because aside from it is high maintenance, it also comes with expensive price tags. Manufacturers thought of blending it with silk to add more luxury to its appearance allowing the final fabric to demand a higher price.

In a Nutshell

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