Coronavirus Live Updates: Alarm Grows as Death Toll Rises

In Hubei province of China, the Wuhan City, WHO was alerted with numerous cases of Pneumonia, on 31 December 2019. However, the virus did not match any other known virus in medical terms. The concern for the new infection rose when people it was difficult to detect what is this disease, how it is affecting people, and how we are going to treat it without proper knowledge. Around one week later, it was confirmed by Chinese authorities that they had found a new virus which is named as Coronavirus from the family of viruses that have symptoms of the common cold, including MERS and SARS. After the confirmation, this news spread even faster than any virus and was soon in the headlines of today’s international news headlines in English.

Many international health experts, Chinese authorities and the World Health Organization were informed about the virus right away after the confirmation to find the antidote of the virus as early as possible. Medicinal authorities in China and across worldwide are working to contain the disease and find its emergence and cure. The Corona Virus has infected thousands of people till date since the outbreak began in Wuhan. The virus has been spreading all over the world rapidly and spread to India, UAE, Japan, America, and Europe.

Ski World Cup Got Cancelled In China

Nearly 60 million people in China are under full or partial lockdown in many cities as coronavirus is spreading vigorously and killed 132 people in mainland China. Due to this, the upcoming Men’s world cup races which were scheduled for February in Yanqing District, Beijing has been cancelled. The decision has been taken by the authorities of the International Ski Federation (FIS), and they said ‘they have made their final decision with utmost regret’. Any updates about the rescheduling of the races will be provided soon by the organization. As the country is still fighting hard to get the cure for coronavirus, nothing can be said about the exact rescheduling date.

Countries are evacuating their Citizens in Wuhan

Many countries are sending charter planes for their immigrants in Wuhan, including the U.S, Japan, Turkey, and other countries. The government authorities in South Korea have confirmed this news that they are sending a charter flight to evacuate their citizens on Thursday. Around 700 citizens have been registered to return to South Korea.

Even Turkey where there are no suspected traces of virus found in people is planning to evacuate their 32 citizens residing in Wuhan. The Turkish ambassador said to China that they would evacuate the Turkish citizens within the next few days. These updates about evacuation and rising cases of Coronavirus is coming from around the world and has been in the headlines of today’s international news headlines in English, since the virus confirmation. 

Prompt isolation for all suspects 

The Coronavirus used to be detected in animals, mainly dogs and even then it was recommended to isolate the dog and then treated because the disease is contagious. However, the people who are taking care of the patients, some preventive measures must be taken so that everyone will not get affected. Coronavirus has Flu-like symptoms, but it is life-threatening and took about 132 people’s life until today. The patient must be given a separate room away from unaffected people to recuperate.

It is a global health threat that is expanding devastating with time and reached many countries in a short span. Due to the severity of Coronavirus, scientists are working to create a vaccine in China, New York, and Texas. By the time they prepare the vaccination, the authorities are trying to evacuate the affected ones and keeping them away from unaffected people so the virus won’t spread more. After the death toll rises, there is no activity in or out of the city, and even British and American airlines also cancelled all their flights to and from China for a few days. Besides, transport in the town has been cut down to limited and even halted in most affected areas.

For keeping all the affected people at a place so that others will not get infected, the Chinese authorities are building a 1000-bed hospital in the city. It is said it can be created within one week and will be ready by 3rd February. Though, this isn’t the first time that China is building a hospital in mere days. During the SARS crises, they have built Xiao Tangshan hospital in just six days which was used back then to treat 700 patients at a time.

Precaution that Countries are taking for the Coronavirus outbreak

In Seoul, South Korea, hospitals are preparing an outbreak to combat the Coronavirus. After four cases of confirmation in South Korea, they have prompted pop-up testing facilities in public areas, especially hospitals. Outside Seoul’s hospital, a tent has been made where patients are tested first so that potential virus patients will not mix with uninfected people inside the hospital. Doctors out there are very concerned about the ability of this contagious virus to mutate and spread and anticipated numerous potential patients in the days coming forward. Seoul is all set to fight against the Coronavirus outbreak with seven rooms well equipped and prepared for infected people. People who will arrive at the hospital are tested via a CT scan to detect viral pneumonia. On the other side, the Hong Kong medical union declares strike yesterday and banned mainland China tourist entering Hong Kong. 

As of now, a flight has been continued to California carrying 201 American passengers after proper screening. The plane arrived from China to Alaska was screened twice following two proper health checkups, and some further tests will be carried out in California. Some of the passengers with mere symptoms are temporarily rehoused for a short span.  A new contagious virus hits the world, and everybody is going crazy as the vaccination is yet to be found. News channels and papers today’s international news headlines in English headlines are covered with the death tolls and the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

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