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How CBD Can Help Reduce Anxiety

CBD has been said to have vast potential for the treatment and reduction of anxiety, so some studies have suggested. But can CBD really help to reduce anxiety? Whenever looking for CBD online, in whatever form, it is of the utmost importance that you look for broad, or preferably full spectrum, high-quality products. Brands such as RoyalCBD can provide such products, allowing you to consume only the very finest, trialled, and tested products. This will allow you to explore the true potential benefits of CBD, with the informed understanding of exactly what you are consuming.

How CBD works

CBD is thought to interact with the nervous system within the body. By attaching to specific neurotransmitters, it is hypothesised that it can alter serotonin signals within the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that have a major role in your overall health. Known as one of the “feel good” hormones within the body, low serotonin levels can result in some major issues. These can include depression and anxiety.

Many people are beginning to manage their low levels of serotonin and consequent anxiety with the use of CBD, rather than other prescription drugs available. Although more evidence is needed, many are leaning towards the evidence we already have as a crux for future understanding. If you plan on coming off prescription drugs, you should always consult your doctor beforehand. Feel free to mention CBD to them and see what their take is on it.

Form of Anxiety and CBD: The Research

Many studies are indicating that CBD may be a great way of relieving or reducing anxiety. There are different forms of anxiety, so it is important you understand these before using CBD as a solution or preventative.

Generalised Anxiety

Generalised anxiety has been shown to reduce in test subjects so far. In animal testing, behavioural signs of anxiety appeared to reduce while physical indications were also present. These included reduced heart rates, which is a common physical symptom of anxiety.

Social Anxiety Disorder & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

As well as generalised anxiety, CBD has also been suggested to have a positive influence on those with other form of anxiety such as social anxiety disorder & post-traumatic stress disorder.

Those with social anxiety disorder were shown to have reduced anxiety levels compared to a placebo group, whereas those with post-traumatic stress disorder have been observed to also reap the benefits of CBD. Symptoms of PTSD such as recurring nightmares and repetitive negative memories were seen to reduce somewhat, when combined with cognitive behavioural therapy.

Additionally, as both of these conditions are usually associated with anxiety-based insomnia, this also seemed to improve within trials. 

So, Can CBD Help?

CBD may also have a positive impact on other neurological disorders such as depression, but further testing is needed as of yet. All in all, the studies of CBD for anxiety disorders is pointing towards a positive outcome, but all who deci8de upon CBD as a therapeutic alternative should walk with caution, consult medical professionals and most importantly, ensure they are using the correct dosages, of the highest quality CBD products.

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