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How Is AI Used in Business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasing part of everyday life, revolutionising the way many tasks are operated, and making processes more efficient, effective and productive. These technologies have had transformative effects on both consumers and businesses, and collectively have enabled the world to operate faster, and smarter, than ever before.

In business, AI is used to enhance operations, helping a business to do more in considerably less time. It helps to improve the efficiency and overall productivity of a company, used for a variety of different processes to ultimately boost its success.

Many businesses now see AI technology as a must in keeping up with competitors, whilst others have become providers in these AI-driven solutions, catering to the demand. Companies such as Optalitix focus on providing AI-driven solutions to help businesses unlock their real value, of which many now view AI as vital in helping to do.

Below are some of the many ways in which businesses across the globe are using AI to improve their operations:

  • Increasing security
  • Understanding customers
  • Improving marketing and advertising strategies
  • Automating tasks

These four areas are vital components to most businesses, of which AI is empowering through revolutionising technology:

Increasing Security

With cyber-attacks becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated, businesses are having to adapt their security measures. Some of the biggest firms are now investing in cybersecurity to keep their data properly protected from any potential threats.

AI can deliver real-time threat detection and prevention, feeding machine learning algorithms the right type of data to help teach them how to properly monitor, detect, and respond to security threats.

As cyber-attacks have evolved, so too have AI technologies, helping businesses keep their valuable data protected.

Understanding Customers

AI and machine learning are also being used to better understand customers, subsequently helping to improve their experience, attract new ones in whilst retaining those who already exist.

AI and machine learning can transform the way businesses both collect and use customer data, enabling them to optimise their user experience and reduce any friction points noticed that could have stopped customers from going ahead with their purchase.

Businesses can therefore use AI to understand their customers better, which could lead to increased sales, and further their overall success and productivity.

Improving Marketing and Advertising Strategies

AI can also be used by those in marketing and advertising, utilising data to help optimise campaigns.

With certain AI solutions, companies can now better understand consumers’ opinions on a brand, harnessing data and making adjustments to branding through these valuable insights. These solutions tap into valuable online data from social profiles, keyword searches and more, to help create more effective advertising campaigns. 

Thanks to artificial intelligence solutions, businesses can therefore tailor their marketing and advertising around consumers’ preferences, making them more likely to engage, thereby promoting interest and increasing sales.

Automating Tasks

Businesses are also using AI to help automate various different tasks, helping to cut down on both the money and time spent on certain operations, and thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

Thanks to advancements in AI and machine learning, businesses can help to automate such time-consuming tasks involved in bookkeeping, admin and telemarketing, to name a few of the many. With these automations, businesses can help to improve the efficiency with which many of these tasks are done, whilst cutting down on costs and also eliminating human error.

Will AI Replace My Job?

With so many benefits to be had, certain jobs may indeed be taken over by AI solutions, improving efficiency, costs and productivity all whilst eliminating the risk of human error. For many businesses, it just makes sense to let AI take over certain processes.

However, that being said, this might not necessarily result in employees losing their jobs. Certain solutions may simply be implemented to free up employees’ time, which can then be spent on more productive tasks better left to humans (including certain levels of customer care, client interactions etc.).

Whilst certain jobs may be taken over by AI solutions, there are an abundance of others that require a more human touch. The rise of AI used in business might therefore even help in optimising the delegation of professions, reshaping the world of work by encouraging people into roles that benefit from humanistic qualities, whilst certain technologies continue to  operate the ones that don’t.

What can be said for certain is that as AI technologies continue to advance, and its products continue to evolve, organisations are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and streamline throughout their operations.

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