How You Get Value from Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

Solar panel installation is a valuable investment that delivers incredible cost savings. Harnessing the sun for energy is not only sustainable but cost-efficient as well. You save on energy bills without cutting your consumption. With the right maintenance, solar panels can continue serving you for years. However, solar energy use is not without its challenges. The most common one is bird droppings.

Due to their location, solar panels provide an attractive nesting place for birds, pigeons in particular. When pigeons build nests under your panels, they can cause damage and decrease the efficacy of your installation. So, bird-proofing your solar unit is a good idea. Investing in a pigeon-blocking solution means getting more out of your system. Learn how to help you make an informed decision.

What is Bird or Pigeon Proofing

As mentioned, birds love building nests on solar panels. The space under the panels provides a nice shelter. Pigeons are a common problem because they don’t mind sharing spaces with humans. Therefore, a pigeon and its family can comfortably settle on your installation. Besides providing a warm place to nest, solar panels are high enough to make water and food easy to spot. Solar panels pigeon proofing is a method of getting rid of pigeons nesting under solar panels. It’s a deterrent option that keeps the birds away without harming them. You might wonder why you should bother with pigeons on your roof. Although they might seem harmless, the birds can cause serious problems. An effective proofing technique protects your panels.

The following are compelling reasons to get pigeon-proofing.

1. Maintain the Integrity of Solar Panels

Pigeons nesting under solar panels threaten the life of your unit. Due to the high acidity in pigeon droppings, panels can stain, and roofing materials can corrode. The longer your system is exposed to these contaminants, the faster it deteriorates. You might also have to deal with issues of inefficiency. Droppings and debris on the panel surfaces can reduce the system’s performance.

2. Decrease Maintenance Costs

Without a bird blocker on your solar panels, your maintenance expenses can run high. If you let pigeons build nests on your roof, the resulting damage will cost a pretty penny to fix. You would have to pay for cleaning and other maintenance services to keep your panels functional. Installing pigeon-proofing when setting up the system saves you a lot of work and money.

3. Protect Your Investment

As much as solar panels save money, they come with significant upfront costs. Besides buying the panels, you also have to pay for the installation. For this reason, you want to ensure the system serves you as long as it should. A pigeon-blocking solution prevents birds from destroying the panels. You won’t have to clean or repair your installation every few months. Additionally, you can be confident of getting maximum use for the lifespan of the solar panels.

When you have pigeons coming in and out underneath your solar panels, the system will experience problems at some point. You might not even know the birds are causing it until it’s too late. Hence, prevent pigeons from getting comfortable on your roof if you intend to install a solar unit. Get a reliable bird blocker as a humane solution to keep pigeons from nesting on your panels.

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