Bluewater unveils world’s most advanced coffee brewing solution at World of Coffee trade show in Copenhagen

World-leading water purification and beverage innovator Bluewater will unveil a ground-breaking professional water purification and mineralization system exclusively designed for baristas at the World of Coffee trade show in Copenhagen from June 27 – 29. The Bluewater Café Station™ – designed to help quality-minded baristas enhance the flavors of coffee to new levels of perfection – can be tried on Booth DE-013 at Europe’s most exciting annual specialty coffee show.

“Bluewater is empowering baristas – from the smallest bistro to the largest café chain – to take full control over the water they use to make the perfect coffee,” said Maximillian Lundin, a former Swedish chef who heads Bluewater’s coffee division. Noting that water is crucial to brewing great coffee, Maximillian said the Bluewater Café Station uniquely helps transform the bean-to-taste bud journey.

“We have applied Bluewater’s water and mineral science expertise to ensure baristas can consistently brew up a storm to satisfy the most discerning coffee lovers regardless of local water quality,” Maximillian said.

The Bluewater Café Station™ helps coffee brewing professionals deliver a perfect brew every time by adapting to the coffee beans used to bring out their unique flavors. The Bluewater coffee brewing solution ensures that no matter where you drink your coffee, it will always have the same perfect taste.

“Coffee is one of the most popular and social beverages on the planet, with around 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed daily, yet the quality of water is often overlooked, something Bluewater fixes with our unique Café Station,” Maximillian explains. He said the Bluewater professional coffee brewing station not only ensures water is purified to perfection but also adds uniquely individualized blends of minerals to bring out the best flavors of each bean.

Key benefits of the Bluewater Café Station

• Water purified up to 10x Cleaner than Traditional Carbon Filters: Bluewater proprietary SuperiorOsmosis™ Technology removes contaminants like PFAS, microplastics, and toxic metals for purer water, giving better-tasting coffee.

• Planet friendlier with 3x less water wasted compared to other reverse osmosis systems.

• Liquid Rock™: The world’s only mineral solution that doesn’t cause scaling during water heating, a crucial function when brewing coffee. Harvested from high-quality Swedish mountain rock, Bluewater Liquid Rock™ provides the only TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) needed in the water.

• Customize Your Minerals in Real Time: Using the Bluewater App, you can customize the minerals in your water to suit your beans.

• The Bluewater Café Station is currently being introduced in key markets across Europe, including the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Denmark. Additional launches in key markets are planned after the summer.

For more about the innovative Bluewater Café Station™ and its potential impact on the industry, don’t hesitate to contact Maximillian Lundin at or on his mobile/WhatsApp at +46705722573.

Media inquiries to David Noble, Bluewater’s Chief Communications and PR Officer, at or call +44 7789 302694.

About Bluewater

Founded 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, Bluewater has set its sights on being the world’s most planet-friendly water purification and beverage company by innovating and marketing disruptive hydration solutions for home, work, and play. Bluewater products, honored with two Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards and a K&B Kitchen Innovation of the Year Award, are available globally to consumers, hotel and catering operations, event and venue organizations, and educational institutions.

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