10 Pieces of Technology That Changed the World

Throughout time, technology has constantly been developing and changing, making things easier for us, and allowing us to do entirely new things as well. 

While there are oodles of different technological developments that have made a significant impact in specific sectors, there are some inventions that have done more than simply make people’s lives easier – they’ve actually changed the world. 

Going as far back as the 15th century, here are 10 pieces of technology that have changed the world.

1. The Printing Press (1440)

Johannes Gutenberg, a German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer and publisher, is widely credited as the individual who developed the technology that revolutionized the production of not only books, but all printed materials. It made information accessible to the masses, and it transformed literacy and the dissemination of knowledge. 

2. The Steam Engine (1712)

Not only did the invention of the steam engine, invented by Thomas Newcomen, provide transportation for both people and manufacturing purposes, but it powered the Industrial Revolution.

3. The Telegraph (1837)

The advent of the telegraph was absolutely life changing at the time of its development, allowing long-distance communication by means of Morse Code. In the early 19th century, it completely revolutionised global communication and the dissemination of information. 

4. The Telephone (1876)

40-odd years after the telegraph changed the game with regards to communication, the telephone took things a whole lot further. The telephone was invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, and it allowed people to not only connect across long distances, but also to communicate directly and in real time. 

5. The Light Bulb (1879)

Not only was Thomas Edison’s light bulb an incredible invention from a technological standpoint, completely changed day-to-day life for ordinary people. Furthermore, it resulted in a massive boost of productivity, as work was able to continue at night (and hadn’t done so before), completely revolutionising entire industries. 

6. The Automobile (1886)

Largely known as one of the cornerstones of modern life, Karl Benz’s invention of the automobile completely reshaped the landscape of transportation, as well as entire cities and mobility more generally. Today’s cars are a far cry from the original, but they all started with the first automobile created by Mr Benz.

7. The Radio (1895)

The radio, invented by Guglielmo Marconi in 1895, allowed for a modern-day sharing of culture, facilitating mass broadcasting and entertainment in a way that had never been seen before. 

8. The Computer (19302)

Computers, in their original form, started as something entirely different to what we know today – they have evolved from mechanical calculators to very modern devices. Computers, in all their forms, completely revolutionised businesses, science and communication.

9. The Internet (1960s)

Born from ARPANET, the internet connects the whole world, allowing for global communication, e-commerce and the sharing of information on completely unprecedented levels.

10. The Smartphone (2000s) 

First developed in the 2000s, the smartphone took mobile phones to a whole new level, combining computer power with mobile convenience and a whole lot more new technology. The beauty of the smartphone is that it’s not just for calls, it can be used for everything from playing online pokies real money games to sending emails. Now, not only are there many different makes and models, but the technology is just getting better and better every day.

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