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One Card Charging Service, Audi Users Will See New Technology in Upcoming Units

Without any exaggeration, nobody will deny this well-established fact that the information technology has revolutionized our lives. Even before blinking of our eyes, some new innovation appears on the arena of this ever changing world. It is beyond any doubt that technical advancements in all the spheres of life are wonderful. The luxurious vehicles are now touching the highest horizons with all updated automotive features. Not only luxurious but the SUVs too are being equipped with all the desired features to have extra ordinary systems like Terrain Response System.

Energy Crises New Alternatives

Energy crises are being worsened day by day. Despite making new ventures to generate energy, there remains a dire need of having somewhat alternative mode. Fossil fuels are on the verge of depletions and the populace of the globe would certainly have drastic consequences if some remedial measures are not taken. Electrified cars are new addition to it and truly speaking, these electrified Audis are diverting the attention of the car lovers being conducive for them. And no doubt, in context of energy conservation, these are boon and blessing for us. It would almost be simpler to start from scratch and build an electric vehicle than successfully “convert” an existing one. In the near future it might be possible if your Audi is having ICE (Internal combustion engine) heat engine. So this Audi diesel engine can be converted to electric car by replacing diesel engine with electric motor and battery.

The UK’s Initiative

The UK is going ahead of it and there are tremendous plans to explore all the likely ways to expand this service. That is why, points for charging are being made in far flung areas to recharge your car accordingly. The e-tron charging facility is hurled by Audi. And no doubt, this is first ever, charging plan of the UK. It has now become possible for the electrified Audis holders without multiple subscriptions, to charge 33 percent more.


By a new devised RFID card, subscriber would be able to charge his vehicleat well matched charging points. At the initial phase, this facility is extended to limited UKs electric vehicles but in future, Audi aims to enlarge the network. As start-up, this charging service would soon be available in further more markets while more areas would be tackled even covering E.Europe.  The fringe benefit of these charging cards, is that while in overseas, Audi clienteles could charge the cars as per local purchase, thus no extra amount would be charged in this way.

Two different tariffs would be available and the customer at his own ease, can opt the best suited to him:

  • The City Tariff

This tariff is basically for urban customers, available in package of €4.95 per month. After that for onward charging, the commuters will have to pay €9.95 for DC charging and €7.95 for AC charging but there is no limit of charging extent and the energy drawn.

  • The Transit tariff

This tariff is suited for the drivers who travels on regular basis. As far as its cost is concerned, it charges €17.95 per month. Whereas relinquishment is granted to Audi e-tron customers who purchase it very first time.  This tariff carries some other benefits like enhanced charging capability due to HPC agreement like with IONITY.

The e-tron could charge upto 150 kW from HPC stations. It shows that by this facility, the electric Sport Utility Vehicles would have upcoming extended distance merely in very shortest span of time. One thing more which should be pondered over, is that instant charging would be costlier as compared to slow charging. But it is hoped that with the passage of time, these high charging rates would come down.

As this e-tron is environmental friendly, and main objective is to succeed it to combat global warming. One card charging service would be accelerated with the passage of time. The Audi package is very comprehensive and easily accessible to many counties of Europe. In the upcoming period of the year, the service of e-tron would be made available in eight more markets of E. Europe. It is estimated that 220 providers are operating around 72,000 charging spots through Audi’s card if charging.

To further expand its services, the Audi is going to have almost 100,000 points for charging and originally in 16 E. Union countries and further from E. Europe eight countries would follow it. This functions through RFID card on reaching a place where suitable card reader is in the vicinity of charging point. Apart from it, QR codes are another option widely available for payment. And through cellular phone at a charging point, you can scan it.

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