How does Telemedicine help Gynecologists?

It’s 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic, and life changed and so have our preferences, no robots on the streets but yes lifestyle has been automated. Now I can take consultation from a doctor from my city or for that matter any city around the world.

And how so..?
Well, online consultancy through telemedicine.

This has all boomed in a pandemic as to physically reach the clinic was merely an impossible task, so mobile apps and software took a step in and helped make things run smoothly even in the darkest hour.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is an online practice performed by physicians and specialists, to provide diagnosis or treatment of many medical issues, remotely through advanced technical methodologies like mobile apps, software, and video calls.

Connect to your doctor remotely you can get the following benefits

  • Travel time and expense saved.

Not all medical problems require a personal visit to a health clinic. Nominal things like report checking, general diagnosis, medicine checking, and treatment follow-ups. Giving patients liberty to save time and inconvenience telemedicine plays a smart role.

  • Responsibilities of office/home can be well taken care of.

No need to worry or pay those extra bugs to take care of your loved ones who need special attention. Also, you don’t have to adjust your work schedule you can now attend your doctor right in your drawing-room.

  • No chances of infections from contagious illnesses.

Pregnant ladies don’t have to give a second thought to visiting clinics, digital care, and proper consultation is made possible by virtual appointment, which saves chances of infections from viral, cold, or cough in the pregnant patient.

  • No more long waits in the waiting rooms.

Be it, children who are sick, senior citizens, or pregnant patients, the wait is over. No more long hours in the hospital waiting room. You save time and energy by attending your doctor from any convenient place as per your comfort.

  • Complete privacy.

The uncomfortable situations like explaining your problem in front of the doctor and staff are no more a thing of worry. In your living space now everything is easy and good to go. The reports and conditions are saved digitally for your privacy.

  • Patient Involvement.

Patients are more involved in the treatment process as proper monitoring reports and accurate data are shared with the patient-doctor portal digitally. The updates help patients to gain confidence and follow-ups allow them to get a good check on the case development stages. Releasing much tension by a quick query-solving feature on the health care apps solves the purpose in less time.

Telemedicine & Women’s Healthcare

Women’s health is subjectively a sensitive issue and needs proper medical care.

To avoid infections and contagious illnesses telemedicine helps women in a good way.

Pregnant women for instance can utilize this feature with many benefits, like the discomfort of reaching the clinic or catching infections. Digital care is the most convenient way to handle stages of healthcare profoundly.

Extra care and counseling are required post-pregnancy, here comes the big contribution of digital care, where doctors can reach patients on an immediate basis, thus solving many problems instantly.

What are the conditions that can be managed by Telemedicine by a Gynecologist?

There are chronic situations that definitely require private consultation but not all, the traditional doctor visits are thing that is past. Digital attention and care have in fact increased the count of telemedicine making it a more comfortable and reliable option.

Telemedicine can manage the following conditions:

  • Menopause and periods problems
  • Vaginal infections
  • Family Planning
  • Fertility issues
  • Pregnancy issues
  • Urinary Infection
  • Questions relating to contraceptive and birth control pills
  • Vaginal Discharge
  • Abortion and miscarriage
  • Post-pregnancy issues.
  • STDs & STIs
  • Hormonal imbalance

Future Essentials of Telemedicine in the gynecology department

The positive impacts of telemedicine in the normal lives of women needing gynecology help is tremendous. There is a high increase in the telehealth and telemedicine industry just like a shooting star. $250 billion has been spent on virtual care alone in the US.

Telemedicine has successfully provided important data and answered a long list of queries and doubts patients ever had to ask, resolving and giving quiet hope and relief to the patients.

The study has revealed a good amount of increase in the open online forum discussion with gynecologists and patients. Online problem-solving sessions have been a big booster for the ailing.

During pandemics, telemedicine has been a great help to the gynecology field. Sensitive cases like pregnancy were given much-needed digital care. In Addition, the expense from the patient’s point of view is also reduced and a huge margin is saved.  

Hurdles that are on the way and need to be rectified and solved are lined up.
Lack of resources in many remote areas like high-speed internet services or electronic equipment like a smart phone or computers. This service is unable to reach them.

Also not having proper educational resources or language issues, the learning of applications and software becomes difficult. Hence under such conditions, the service remains unavailable in some much-needed locations. Also, weak network connections can hinder the treatment process and may give bad results.

Finally, lack of physical diagnosis also affects the treatment procedure giving fewer changes to determine the actual cause of illness. The certain limitations of telemedicine make it less dependable in avid circumstances. However, the latest technological equipment like electronic stethoscopes and self-check medical kits help patients to do self-tests, generate digital reports, and self-diagnose.

Investment and revenue in digital health have almost doubled in 2020. Virtual health companies are constantly growing and introducing new technologies for the healthcare sector and telemedicine niche. There is relative pressure on the AI-Innovative and white label telemedicine app streams giving more room for consumers to avail better services in the future. With such speed and the mark of time, the virtual world is certainly going to take over the telemedicine field, giving new innovations and user-friendly applications to gynecology and other specialties.

And that’s the good news for the customers and patients. We must practice and make good use of available technology to fight the disease.

The best way to defeat the disease is to fight it.

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