What are the Different Methods for the Circumcision of Adults?

Circumcision is the most common surgery for males in which the foreskin of the penis is removed.

There is a misconception that there can be only circumcision of infants while in reality circumcision of adults is also becoming common. Adult circumcision in London is taking place in a lot of clinics, such as in Circumcision Pro, and physicians are using different methods for this surgery.

As physical and health conditions vary from man to man, healthcare providers use different methods of circumcision on different people according to their health conditions.

What are the circumcision methods for adults? Keep reading to know about different methods in detail.

Different Methods of Adult Circumcision:

1. Sleeve Resection Method 

Sleeve Resection Method is a preferred and freehand method for circumcision which almost takes half an hour to perform. It requires expert physicians and gives better cosmetic results. Local anesthetic is used for this method.

In this method, the foreskin is slid back along the shaft of the penis to give a freehand cut around the shaft where there will be a scar line.

The foreskin will slide down around the head of the penis. Now, a second cut will be made around the shaft at the same position along the penis similar to the first cut.

A longitudinal incision will be made between the two cuts around the circumference of the penis, and the foreskin will be removed. The edges will be pulled together and stitched.

2.   Laser Circumcision

Laser Circumcision is the latest circumcision method that requires laser light to perform the surgery. The whole process takes ten to fifteen minutes. In the surgery, there is minimal pain, scarring, bleeding, and swelling. It is a daycare procedure in which a patient is discharged on the same day of surgery, and a person can return to a normal routine within 2-4 days.

In this process, a laser beam is used to cut the foreskin of the penis. As the laser is included in it, so there is a clean wound and minimal bleeding. It is ideal for tissue conservation as lasers don’t impact nearby tissues.

3.   Dorsal Slit Technique

Dorsal Slit is sometimes recommended for patients suffering from phimosis or paraphimosis. It is a day procedure, and a local anesthetic or ring block is used in it.

It is a single incision method in which a dorsal slit is put along the foreskin from the tip to the corona. Afterward, stitches are used to join together the edges just below the glans.

It will take 2-3 weeks for the stitches to resolve, so you shouldn’t go for sexual activity during this time. It will take almost seven to ten days for the wound to get properly healed.

4.   Stapler Circumcision

Stapler Circumcision is a modern method that removes the layer of the foreskin by using a surgical stapler. This surgery can take almost 30 minutes, and the patient can go home on the same day.

During the surgery, the stapler is fitted over the penis after determining the area. Once fired, it removes the skin swiftly and closes the incision using a silicone ring. It is a safe process and gives the required results to both physician and patient.

It is famous because of low blood loss, minimal pain, and fast recovery. You can completely heal from this circumcision within 1 to 2 weeks.

5.   Forceps Guided

Forceps Guided Circumcision is a freehand method in which forceps are clamped across the foreskin. In it, the foreskin is pulled out past the front of the tip of the penis, and a cut is made across the forceps. The end of the skins is then pulled together and held by stitches or glue.

Glue can be sought off within 10 days and stitches dissolve in 2-3 weeks. It takes only a short time to heal, and local anesthetic is used in this surgery.

As it is an open-operation surgery, you should take care of your wound, and contact your physician in case of any complications. It is recommended to avoid having sex for almost a month so that you can heal properly.

Key Takeaways:

These are five recommended circumcision methods for adults that famous circumcision clinics are performing. Different methods are suitable for different patients, so it is recommended to share your medical history with your physician to know which method will be best for you.

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