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Tips for getting rid of your old TV

Televisions are now a prevalent item in every UK household. They bring people together and keep us up-to-date on the latest news, trends and shows. Due to them being so popular, there are always new makes and models being brought out every month by major manufacturers. Having the latest TV is something many people feel passionately about, even if there is nothing wrong with their current model. Unfortunately, this leads to lots of waste and a large number of electrical goods being thrown away.

Fast skips, which provide skip hire in the UK, see first hand the amount of technology that is thrown away every year. The increase in WEEE from skips and people dumping their waste has led to them wanting to put information together on how to properly get rid of your TV if you no longer want it to improve recycling and reuse.

If your TV still works

It is often the norm that TVs will still be in good working order when they are no longer wanted. Selling TVs online via eBay or Facebook Marketplace are great ways of ensuring they can be reused. You can also donate them to charities.

Donating your TV to a charity

If you were happy to throw your TV away, then you might not mind giving it away for free instead. There are lots of charities that will accept TV that is still in good working condition.

Research local charities in your area. Some may also be open to collecting the TV from you, so you do not have to worry about transporting it yourself, especially if you do not drive or have the time to do so.

Go back to the retailer

WEEE retailers now have a legal obligation to take in your old TVs if purchased from them so that they can ensure they are properly recycled.

Many retailers also offer discounts on new models to encourage you to shop again with them. This is a popular incentive and is excellent for promoting recycling.

Sell your TV

If you would not like to give your TV away for free to family and friends or to a charity, selling your TV online is a great way to ensure it is being reused and not sent to landfill.

Social media is becoming a very popular way for people to sell their items for free, either locally or nationwide. Simply upload a photo, and your asking price and people will be able to find your item when they are searching.

What to do if your TV is broken

It can be very stressful when your TV breaks and limits your resale or donation options. This means that the TV will be classed as WEEE, and you will need to find a suitable disposal method that is not fly-tipping.

Televisions are hazardous waste which means they are very harmful to the environment if just dumped. It is best to research your local waste management company or speak to your local council as they will be able to advise you on where you can take your TV in your area. They may even offer to collect it for you as they will have contacts on properly disposing or recycling it.

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