How Technology Has Transformed Communications

Communication, in the most basic sense, is one of the cornerstones of human behavior, and it’s an integral part of human interaction. Throughout history, humans have continuously sought more and more efficient ways to connect with one another, and technology, and the progress of technology, has allowed for communication to increase and change.

The advent of technology has been an absolute game changer in the world of communication, drastically enhancing our ability to communicate. We can communicate with more people over vast distances in ways that weren’t possible before. 

In this article, we’re going to explore the ways in which technology has increased communication, allowing for us to foster global connectivity and change the way in which we interact. 

1. The Dissemination of Information

Technology has allowed for information to be spread in a way that has never been possible before. By means of media – all forms thereof – it’s now possible for information to be passed on from one end of the world to another in a matter of seconds. 

This has had major implications for many spheres of life, including politics and other social spheres. 

2. Mobile Communication 

Now that pretty much everyone in the world has their own mobile phone, or at least has access to one, individuals can be in constant communication – something that was never before possible. We can catch up with people and find out how they’re doing within an instant, and if there’s ever an urgent message you need to get to someone, you can do that very easily. 

In some ways, a ramification of mobile communication is that people actually end up spending less time together in person, because they can far more easily communicate over the phone. They can also play everything from pokies to MMOs on mobile devices, reducing their real world interactions. 

3. Social Networking

Social media has become incredibly popular, and it’s become normal for people to post about their lives – both day-to-day things and significant events – on online platforms for everybody to see. In a way, it means that it’s way easier for people to communicate with others indirectly, but it also means that it’s not as necessary to meet up in person.

4. Language and Translation Tools

Technology has allowed for people who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to communicate, to communicate using translation and other language tools. In this way, technology has increased communication. 

5. Video Conferencing

Video calls have been thing since before the global pandemic, but when Covid-19 hit in 2020, it suddenly became something that was commonly used in most households. It allowed people to have professional work meetings from home – or anywhere in the world – and it allowed people to communicate intimately from far and wide. In many businesses and industries, this was what saved them from losing their jobs during lockdown.

Has Technology Changed the World For the Better?

Of course, just like with anything, technology has introduced both and good and bad things into the mix. It’s increased communication in ways that weren’t possible before, but in other ways, it’s actually changed communication styles to be less social. 

Either way, technology has had a massive influence on communication in the world today.

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