A New Alcohol Detox Service in the UK Offers an Alternative to Residential Rehab

What is Alcoholism?

Alcohol is often deemed as a substance that can turn a bad time around. Unfortunately, this has led to a heavy dependence on the substance to a point that an increasing number of people are facing addiction. When the pandemic struck, YoY alcohol sales went up by 234% owing to a multitude of factors and leading to a steep rise in alcohol abuse.

What are the consequences of Alcoholism?

Substance abuse of alcohol can lead to direct harm to the drinker or the people around him. The harm can either be physical or mental. It has been reported that alcohol disrupts cognitive function and increases feelings of anger and chaos in the person.

In the short term, alcohol can cause the drinker to make reckless, rash decisions, cause miscarriage, car accidents, and violence. The long term impacts, on the other hand, are often irreversible, alcohol can cause various cancers, memory problems, mental health problems, and more.

The Problem with Conventional with Residential Treatment

Otherwise known as rehab, residential treatment involves patients living in a care home where they seek therapy for mental illnesses and addictions. It is often overlooked that addiction takes consistent treatment.

With rehabs only offering treatment for a limited time, the withdrawal and addiction symptoms take the best out of the patients, causing them to relapse. Some people become immune to any benefits of rehab after going through the programme multiple times. Coupled with detrimental effects to one’s health, patients face withdrawal symptoms with high bouts of depression, aggression, low energy, and more, this makes the patients prone to relapsing.

An Alternate Solution for Traditional Inpatient Detox

A group of medical professionals, counsellors, therapists, and recovering alcoholics have joined hands together to help people battling alcohol addiction. They created UK Home Detox, found at, which is an organisation created to do exactly that in a very affordable way. While residential homes may not be a feasible option for many due to their high costs, UK Home Detox is a great alternative for recovery at a fraction of the price of private inpatient services.

How Does it Work?

Since this home detox service was curated by people who have struggled with alcohol in the past, they have expertly designed the programme whereby people can safely withdraw from alcohol by minimizing the withdrawal symptoms.

To start the treatment, the patient takes a completely confidential assessment exam with an assigned addiction counsellor to determine whether they are suitable for this programme. After the first step, a healthcare professional will conduct a medical assessment whereby they will prescribe detox medication and have it delivered at the patient’s doorstep for their ease.

An integral part of the detox service is a support buddy who, as the name suggests, provides help in the detoxifying regimen by monitoring the patient’s intake of medication and contacting the UK Home Detox team regularly. The support buddy can be a family member, friend, or a loved one who the patient trusts.

Benefits of UK Home Detox Service

Since the home detox service has been created by various healthcare professionals including therapists, addiction specialists, and counsellors, the method is backed up by experience and research and is very safe. The service aims to minimize the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal as much as possible with the help of alcohol detox medication.

Moreover, the service starts from £1500 which is relatively inexpensive as compared to live-in rehabilitation centres which can cost significantly more. The service is also completely flexible and tries to accommodate whatever the patient’s needs are.

To add to the safety feature, the service is completely insured by the organization and in the event of an accident, the patient and their support buddy will be completely covered with the help of insurance.

It is known that alcoholism can be alienating and even embarrassing to patients. To avoid this, the organization sends detox medicine with extreme confidentiality in a sealed parcel. Studies have shown that supporting your loved ones whilst they are going through alcoholism can benefit them greatly. Do not hesitate to reach out for help for your loved ones.


#1 Alcoholism is a taboo subject, however, the problem is very prevalent in this day and age

#2 substance use disorders  can cause long-term and short term harm to the abuser and their loved ones

#3 Due to the nature and costs, residential rehabilitation services are not an appropriate option for everyone

#4 UK Home Detox Service is a safe, and reliable alternative to residential rehab, as it is backed up by healthcare professionals

#5 Rehabilitation is relatively more expensive than UK Home Detox Service.

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