Tips for Feature Writing

  • Covering news 

A feature must entertain, but without news and information there is nothing in a feature. You must keep in mind that you are supposed to follow the four Ws rule as well. 

What has been done, where, by whom and why. Without answering all these questions your feature is incomplete. 

  • Make a draft 

You must make a rough draft of your feature beforehand, here you will decide the type of feature as well. draft making must be quite formal so that you may understand what sort of mistakes you are likely to make. 

Moreover, it will also help you in understanding the lagging and missing resources for making your feature a professionally written work. 

At the draft stage, you must also try to make a list of questions, which will be answered gradually throughout the feature.

  • Do Not Copy

In journalism, and in any sort of publications, there is no place for plagiarized content. Many feature writers do not take this seriously especially if they are quoting some people. 

If you have quoted some interviews, which were taken by someone else. Then do mention the source otherwise your work will be discarded. 

  • The Details And Facts 

You must write the details and facts in an orderly manner. For instance, you can add data charts and graphs, for making it look comprehensible. Read more about Best Press Release distribution services.

Consulting with the relative authorities and institutions for gathering data is extremely helpful. If you are dealing with some statistics. 

  • The Language 

You must have humor while writing a feature, because a feature must entertain the readers while providing massive information.

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