Thirteen Hacks for Salesforce Lead Management

Every salesperson and sales team supervisor should aim for a rock-solid sales lead strategy. There is no real shortcut to successful sales dealing, but you can always take the frustration out of the equation. By adopting the right strategies, you can generate more leads and see more conversions out of them. Go through the six effective sales hacks below and learn how to incorporate them into your salesforce lead management process.

1. Be Direct With Buyers

Through a simple and direct question to your buyers. Simply ask if they want your product. You are not a mind reader who can pick all the signals from buyers. So instead, ask if they want your help, or if they want to buy what you are selling. Getting a straight “yes” to your questions is a faster indication to find if you are going to make a business or not.

2. Offer an Adventurous Buying Process to The Customers

Buyers can feel bored or frustrated during the Q&A process if they do not know what to buy or what to look for. To make it adventurous, start the conversation with a few open-ended questions about their preferences, then guide them to the ideal product or package. The collaborative storytelling style helps customers to develop a personal relationship with your product, boosting the sale.

3. Personalizing Your Offer To Their Pain Points

Personalize your Offer to demonstrate how well you understand customers’ pain points and how quickly you can solve them. Use a sales management tool to advance your sales teams’ workflow. The robust analytics that it provides gives an accurate view of customers’ journey and helps you respond to customers with hyper-personalized packages on time.

4. Follow-up Through Phone Call

Keep your sales reps engaged with the buyers through “random” phone calls, and those should align with the sent emails. When you manage to get the prospect on the phone in the mid to late stages of the sale, you can move your focus on the initial problem and solve it effectively. This tactic pushes the leads and secures conversations.

5. Black Hat Coaching

We use a highly effective approach called Black Hat Coaching that refers to a process that tests and improves sales plans with sales teams. It is a scripted approach for coaching used from the early stages to the close of an account. It offers the exact same process for all, so any sales reps within the organization can use it without any risk.

6. Deep Meeting for Salesforce Lead Management

This concept requires you to gather as much information about the company and stakeholders as possible, including the roles, initiatives, successes, and failures. We live in a busy world, and professionals do not take enough time to understand prospects properly. Contrary to that, prospects also do not want to spend enough time or show patience for the sales pitches.

7. Prioritize Content Marketing

One of the greatest sales hacks is to stay top of mind with your prospects and existing clients by sending relevant articles and case studies on a routine basis. This works as proof of your expertise and understanding of the industry and your dedication to being a part of their business process rather than just a salesperson. The more amount of quality articles you have, the better.

8. Listen More And Talk Less

Salespeople, by their natural habitat, are talkative persons. They love to talk, but our best advice would be to concentrate more on listening power. Let your customer drive the conversation and express what exactly they want. The customer may find it hard to explain what they really want, but you can identify their demand from their talk and direct them to the right product. The more you can find about the prospect the better.

9. Use Online Sales Tracking Tool

Use an online sales tracking tool to automate the whole salesforce lead management process. It is designed to assist sales reps and supervisors improve daily performance and ultimately boost sales. By adopting the cloud-based solution, your organization can significantly progress with sales management as it features useful modules like customer management, task management, product management- etc. It ensures effective salesforce lead management by allowing users to identify the driving and restraining forces of the sales. Help your sales reps to maintain strengths and work on their weaknesses with the online sales tracking tool so that they can produce more sales leads. 

10. Clever, Instinctual Subject Line Evokes Responses

Sometimes, being out of the box can be the best tactic for salesforce lead management. When you find a prospective or current client completely ignoring your email and not giving any response, send an email with “Knock, Knock” in the subject line and nothing more. It invokes the act of hold-up and influences people to engage with a quick chat. Use cautiously, and you will be surprised by nearly 100% positive feedback from the clients.

11. Know Your Product Inside And Out

Knowledge is a great sales hack. Knowing what you are selling, whom you are selling or serving, and having a clear understanding of the product can be a good advantage. You have to believe in your product or service, or it will become hard to stand behind and show confidence to the clients. Knowing the clients’ needs wants, and goals are a huge advantage as well.

12. Build Connections Beyond The Profession

Building personal connections is a form of network marketing. Always consider the independent associates as a part of your community. They want something bigger and better for themselves and connect others to the same arena when possible. This is a natural sales process that centers around changing people’s lives and can only be achieved through hard work, a real dedication to the community, and others.

13. Connect Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is considered one of the best ways of professional communication around the world. You can learn about the contacts and activities of your prospects and tell a lot about what the client is looking for. You can see which vendors they are connected with, and find clues on which one of your products best fits to meet their needs.

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