The Holy Temple Of Knowledge Of Ra Reveals The Golden Age Of Leo Dawning With The Vernal Equinox Sun

Rasta-u izsu paa amentet shil Atum-Rwty.-Temple Of Knowledge Of Ra

Sphinx was associated in ancient texts with a god having the strange name “Rwty,” which it turns out is really “rw-ty,” meaning “two lions”.-Dale Huffman

According to the temple in the time of 10,800 B.C.E. the golden age of  Leo began. On December 21st, 2012 the planet Earth rose out of the age of Pisces, and entered the age of Leo.

On the spring equinox of 2018 the celestial lion, and the sphinx rose with the eastern horizon.

The temple revealed that the highest Egyptian feline creator Atum as a lion deity represents strength, courage, power, and rulership. He was the first of the blue beings of the deities of Nun.

The temple calls Atum the holy spirit lifeforce of the Nun, the essence of all light Re or Ra, and the manifester of all forms of matter Asar-Osiris.

The high priest proclaims Atum is the Lion Of huda, Yehuda, Yahudi, or Yahuda.

You have your bread-loaf, O Atum, and Double-Lion!-Pyramid Texts Unas

The holy temple reveals that Nasa has logged a rare ring of fire eclipse, and galactic alignment over Egypt to usher in the new age of Leo on June 21st 2020.

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