The Digital Future of the Energy Field: New Levels of Inspections

Energy Industry: Essential for Society

One needn’t be a nuclear physicist to understand that Energy Production is the cornerstone of our modern society and economy.  For laymen, it is enough to know that flipping the switch turns on the lights, that there will be heat in the winter, and petrol for the car.

If you are in the Energy Industry, however, you understand that what you do is essential for all of us, and that making sure that everything runs smoothly can be exponentially more complicated than it appears from the outside.

Keeping on Top of Operations

Whether your work is in Producing Electricity, Nuclear power, Oil, or Gas, your business requires constant, intensive oversight.  Asset Management in the energy sector is often viewed as operations and maintenance of power plants. But, in fact, it also covers the financial, administrative, and commercial activities needed to ensure the optimization of the entire lifecycle of equipment and facilities. Since the responsibilities related are growing with the industry itself, documenting everything on paper or Excel sheets is no longer effective. Reliable data collection is essential.

You need something more transparent, flexible, and cost-effective. Equipment, like pressurized fixed equipment, pressure vessels, piping, tankage, pressure relief devices, and heat exchanger tube bundles must be Inspected. Failure to control any of a myriad of Values, Conditions, or Temperatures can lead to Slowdowns in Production, Losses, and Damage to Personnel, Equipment, and the Environment.     

Digitizing Energy Inspections offers numerous benefits when gathering, retaining, and analyzing useful data, achieving greater efficiency when carrying out inspections, and importantly reducing the risk of human error onshore, offshore, out in the field, or in facilities.

New Technologies Mean Greater Oversight

Technology can help you. Digital Inspection Software now exists that allows your production to be unified and streamlined. Your whole team, everyone responsible for keeping on top of things, from the workers on site to senior management, can now be kept abreast of schedules, completed tasks, potential issues, and emergencies.

Mobile Inspection Apps allow your entire team, from top to bottom, to work effectively to ensure that everything is done, done well, done timely, and documented correctly.  It removes all the uncertainty from chain-of-command processes, ensuring nothing is missed in daily, weekly, monthly, and annual safety inspections.

The software and apps provide real-time data so both managers and technicians can view it as it is entered, instantly. This can dramatically speed up the information flow as intelligence can be shared with those who need to see it and analyzed immediately. And if something is missing or inconsistent, an instant alert will reduce the risk of incomplete inspections or the need for expensive site re-visits.

Digitize All Your Checklists, Forms, and Fully Customizable Reports and Bring Them to the Small Screen

Oil and Gas Inspections, incorporating more and more digital technologies, make comprehensive asset management possible. Mobile apps can allow your team to carry all necessary info even into the harshest environments thanks to full offline functionality. The software provides real-time data and digitization capabilities enabling full mobile oversight of operations.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to modernize your energy business. Energy Inspection technology is there to be used, and the consequences of not doing so are, for today and the future, too dangerous to ignore.

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