7 Ways to Attract Attendees to Your Virtual Booth

With an uptick in the popularity of virtual trade shows, virtual exhibitions, and virtual conferences, it can become a bit challenging to promote your brand or reach potential leads. But, if you strategically include an appealing and exciting virtual booth, you can boost the sales opportunities and drive sustainable growth.

So, what approach should you follow to create a lasting impression on your audiences through an engaging virtual booth?

Here, we’ve got some useful ways to help you design a unique and engaging booth for your next virtual event to bring more leads and buyers.

  • Make a Workable Plan

Before you determine the entire concept of virtual booths, it is important to devise a feasible plan for the same. Be clear with your virtual booth objectives and the proposed outcomes that you wish to achieve from these booths. With a workable plan, you’ll be able to execute your idea better and track the success of your virtual booths.

  • Create Exciting Virtual Booths

To lure more participants to your virtual booth, it is important to make them more exciting and engaging. With virtual events happening online, it does not mean that you cannot promote networking or get qualified leads.

Consider conducting some live polls or including games that will spread awareness about your virtual booth. It will not only add a fun element to your virtual event but will also help in drawing more leads.

Try to keep your virtual booth enriched with great visuals. For example, you can include promotional videos, PPT, or case studies as effective tools to arouse excitement among the audience. As participants scroll through various booths, the initial few seconds are critical. So, make sure to play your organization’s plus points by presenting something that will keep the visitors involved and interested throughout the event.

  • Select the Most Suitable Virtual Booth Layout

An attendee user experience depends on how simple it is for them to obtain what they’re looking for from the virtual booth. This requires an event planner to assure your virtual booth is laid out correctly. Several events even after having amazing content simply collapse because the booth structure was badly drafted.

Therefore, it is important to ask some crucial questions to yourself before you finalize a virtual booth and its structure.

First, the total count of virtual booths you should include? Although this is solely based on the type of virtual event you’re hosting, for example, an event continuing for 6 hours can hold up to 100 booths to keep the attendees hooked and involved throughout.

  •  Promote Your Virtual Booth on Social Media

You need to ensure that attendees are aware of what is going on! As the virtual event advances, make use of different social media channels to highlight the exhibitors. This is to generate pre-event interest by advertising your virtual booth on social media platforms. Post relevant pictures, videos, or engaging information using booth-specific hashtags to intrigue your virtual audience. You can notify the audience about promotional proposals or upcoming live sessions to keep them updated with the exhibitors and promote maximum participation to avoid missing out on any prospect leads.

  • Include Live Experts

As participants cannot walk towards a booth physically, there are still several creative approaches that exhibitors can use to engage with the attendees. Ask the exhibitors to showcase their product online either through live streaming or a pre-recorded video. Based on the product, you can also think of practices that will facilitate 2-way communication in order to boost engagement and spread the word about their offerings.

  • Make a Video Playlist

Creating a video playlist is an excellent way to promote brand awareness and deliver your message accurately. This is the simplest way to conduct your virtual booth with less effort. Also, this is a great way to let your brand stand out during any virtual event. Record the videos yourself by making a video playlist beforehand and stream it straight from your device using screen sharing application. The advantage of this practice is that the content you’ll present will be more diverse and engaging.

  • Train the Team

Managing a virtual booth is quite different from handling a physical one. It is important for the sponsors to understand how to use the virtual venue, set up the online booth, make the required adjustments, and stay connected to the attendees. Therefore, it is necessary to guide the team accountable for handling the virtual booth on the main day.

The team you appoint should be able to answer the questions of the attendees skillfully. If a participant desires to chat, there should be someone available to communicate with them. Develop a proper schedule for the entire team and allot time slots to eliminate delays.

Moreover, make sure that your entire team is thoroughly updated about the organization’s products and services. Similar to physical events, the team running the virtual booth should be capable to pitch the products/services in the most reliable way desirable for the audiences.

Final Word

To connect with qualified leads online via a virtual booth is an excellent way for your company to strengthen its customer base. Just with the right planning and approach, you’ll be capable to form and create an appealing virtual booth that can actively invite more attendees.

To make the most of virtual booths, it is essential to choose the right virtual event platform. Only an ideal virtual venue packed with features, digital tools, and advancements can help you host exciting virtual booths that can drive more sales and sustainable growth.

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