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Parimatch provides a wide range of competencies in digital, media, marketing, branding and PR, thus helps major national and international brands get effective return on marketing investments.

Parimatch Worldwide is a marketing communications agency providing services in the field of PR, marketing, advertising, SMM strategy development, organization of promotions and PR-events, business audit and start-ups consulting. Effectively combining marketing tools, the agency creates unique and strong solutions to promote companies and brands.

The marketing agency develops strategies that consistently produce measurable results. The team of experts will provide you with monthly reports to show you how effective their work is. The marketing agency strives to provide clients with results that increase their ROI, and these reports are proof of their efforts. Not only will the marketing agency provide you with a team of experts, but it will also save you time and money.


In-depth study of commercial activities of the company, which includes: marketing analysis of the company’s product (goods, services), positioning among competitors, methods of attracting customers, customer satisfaction, internal organization of business processes, development prospects and other key aspects. A marketing audit gives an idea of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities for discovering potential and further developing business in market conditions.


Our marketing agency will take care of the reputation and promotion of your brand, building trust and a positive attitude from your clients. Reputation management strategy includes logo and corporate identity development, positioning, regulations of interaction with the target audience and other activities. The result of work in the direction of e-branding is:

  • creation of a positive image of the company, translation of its core values;
  • confidence in the company and its product on the part of potential customers;
  • strong emotional connection between the company and representatives of target audience;
  • creation of effective communication with the consumer!

The agency also provides all the tools you need to measure the success of each strategy and use that information to continually improve your marketing plan.


To promote business on the web, namely attracting customers, the marketing specialists will build an advertising campaign, including search engines. Contextual advertising will be implemented with maximum benefit within a certain budget. Contextual advertising is carried out taking into account peculiarities of each of the involved search engines.


A PR department of the agency has a much broader set of competencies than a proper PR department may have. Even if the employee leading the project falls ill, resigns, goes on maternity leave, a good agency can quickly replace him or her without any difficulties for the customer. The agency has established relationships with journalists, analysts, organizers of exhibitions and conferences. PM Worldwide provides a full range of classical communication agency services: we build relationships with journalists, promote in social networks and bloggers, organize events, consult on marketing issues, develop corporate identity and promotional materials. As well as services for media planning and advertising.


Not every entrepreneur has sufficient resources to implement an interesting, innovative business idea in the digital environment. That is why PM Worldwide offers a special cooperation scheme for startup projects: it provides new projects with all the conditions for implementation, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on project development and not be distracted by routine organizational tasks.

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