Niclosamide – An All-in-one Medication

Niclosamide is a prescription medication that helps to tackle infection from tapeworm. Dead tapeworms will then be expelled from the body system whenever one goes to the toilet. These worms are sometimes visible to the eyes and they might not be visible as many of them are killed in the intestine.

These infections can be easily cleared by consuming the medication on an empty stomach 2 hours before or after every meal. Furthermore, it is recommended by doctors that the medication should be consumed after taking breakfast.

The specific procedure used by the medication remains to be completely understood even though it is primarily used as an anthelmintic drug. However, for more than a decade, several studies have discovered the therapeutic ability of the medication in different signaling cascades.

Remember this: One dosage of niclosamide is sometimes very effective, however depending on the ailment, two dosages might be required. Niclosamide should be taken for the entire treatment which sometimes lasts for one week.

The Many uses of niclosamide.

According to research, niclosamide’s pharmacological activities make it an all-in-one drug. This is due to its potent ability to disengage mitochondrial phosphorylation and maintain quite a number of signaling routes. Repurposing studies reveal the different capabilities of the product for the treatment of ailments like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, bacterial and viral infections.


About 34.2 million individuals in America are diabetic which is just over 10% of the entire population. This implies that diabetes is a serious issue for about 88 million or one-third of the population. The prominence of this serious health condition has made it very important to search for a positive and effective treatment option that will deliver the needed results.

A study carried out in mice using Niclosamide capsules ethanolamine, a salt version of niclosamide that is highly soluble in water has proven to be effective against type 2 diabetes. During the procedure, mice are made to feed on a diet with a high amount of fat which offered a high amount of energy, digestion, and lipid oxidation. Niclosamide ethanolamine proved to be very effective in regulating and lowering blood sugar, glycemic, and the advancement of the disease.

Parkinson’s Disease (PD)

The emergence of PD can occur as a result of any catalytic reaction of the threonine-protein kinase/mitochondrial serine (PINK1). Neuroprotective effects can be gotten from tiny molecules that can trigger the protein, which can be used for treating the disease.

Niclosamide is a very potent PINK1 catalyst in cells which implies that it can adequately control the disease. However, additional versions of PD are required for a more established fact to prove that the drug can effectively handle this condition.

Viral Infection

Individuals become infected by viruses orally or through the nostrils. Infections can also occur by having unprotected sex or insect bites. Viral infections affect the throat, nose, upper airways, as well as other body systems like the reproductive and nervous systems. Antivirus medications or agents are taken to limit the multiplication of these viruses and improve the condition of the immune systems.

Niclosamide in a large part can serve as a good antiviral medication or agent. It can specifically focus on the host routes which can effectively help to regulate and lower the impact of the infection.

In recent times, niclosamide has been used for the treatment of Ebola, Zika viruses, and coronavirus.

Bacterial infections

Once bacteria are introduced into the body, it infects the body system which consequently activates a high number of reactions. Bacteria can enter the body system via the airway or open wounds. Niclosamide has proven to be highly effective against several bacterial infections such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), tuberculosis, anthrax, and so on. According to these discoveries, the medication has a similar potent ability as the vancomycin that is used for the treatment of MRSA.


Several studies have been carried out by experts on the treatment of different types of cancer. Studies have shown that niclosamide possesses some anti-tumor capabilities against:

Ovarian, colon, osteosarcoma, prostate, glioblastoma, lung, adrenocortical carcinoma, leukemia, oral and breast cancers.

Studies have also shown that the medication is an excellent option due to its ability to destroy the mitochondria of cancer cells, induce apoptosis and restrict the proliferation of cancer cells.

Wrap Up

Niclosamide is effective against several diseases and similar to many other medications, it is not without side effects. Additional studies are needed to learn more about its potentials as well as its side effects. Its side effects and versatility are only covered in recent studies which have proven the effectiveness of the medication for treating different ailments.

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