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How To Order A Colored Contact Without Prescription

If you are an individual with eyesight problems, you would surely wish to adopt the right measures to correct your vision. Contact lenses are great alternatives to traditional spectacles, and you can wear them quite conveniently. Presently, you can find contact lenses of various colors that will improve your eyesight and change your appearance. You can now get colored contact lenses from some online stores even without a prescription. Check out Contactlenses4us.com for more information. However, before you plan to order one for yourself, here’s a quick guide to take you through the entire process.

Things to know before buying colored contact lenses

Buying colored contacts can be a bit difficult without targeted information. At the best online contact lens stores, you can buy the best quality colored contact without prescription, but before buying, it is imperative to know a few factors:

  1. Consider the tint: While choosing colored contact, determine the tints that work best for you. The three primary tints are:
    1. Opaque: Lenses with opaque tints are not transparent and can change the color of your eye completely. This is the best option for people with dark eyes.
    1. Visibility: These lenses either have a blue or a very light green tint on it.
    1. Enhancement: Colored lenses with this tint can even darken your natural eye color. These lenses are translucent and are a bit darker than the visibility tints.
  • Choose a color that suits you best: Choosing a colored lens is not the same as choosing a dress. You might assume that you will look best in a specific color, but the result might turn out completely different. So, it is crucial to choose the color of your lens that you go best with skin and hair color. You can refer to some examples on the internet to get ideas before making any final decision. Also, determine how subtle or drastic change you need.
  • They come in various sizes: Colored contacts come in multiple sizes, and it is important to get the perfect size for comfort as well as the health of your eyes. If you choose a set of lenses that are excessively loose, they will end up sliding around the eyes and might fall out. On the other end, a tight lens can also scratch your eye. So, you must be careful with the size of your lens.
  • Choose a reliable store: If you want to buy the best quality colored contacts, you must make sure to choose a reliable online store. From the top online stores, you will be able to choose from a range of colors and brands. Besides, you can also get them without a prescription and won’t have to run from store to store to get a high-quality product.

Get them without prescription

Once you consult with your ophthalmologist, look up the best online stores and order your chosen contact lenses without a prescription. However, also keep in mind that you have to clean and disinfect the colored lenses regularly and store them in the right products and procedures. So, before buying a colored contact, determine all these things to get the best results.

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