Features of Registration Using a Virtual Number

Risks do not always lead to the implementation of negative scenarios. Use online numbers for verification to minimize using your regular number when registering on unfamiliar websites. They will allow you to not worry about the penetration of strangers into your life. Even if it’s just intrusive advertising, it can spoil the mood for the entire day. Virtual numbers will make your privacy inviolable and relaxed.

What You Need to Know About Virtual Numbers

Registration by receiving SMS to virtual phone numbers is beneficial in all respects:


The user does not need to buy any equipment or even a SIM card. You can easily order a virtual number on the OnlineSIM platform and receive an SMS with a code in your account. A one-time number for verification will cost as little as $0.01, and an all-day rental with an option to renew will cost $2 per day.


Thanks to the virtual number service, you can register on unfamiliar sites without fear. How many times have you been stopped from continuing to read something interesting only by a website asking you to register first? Now, this will no longer be a barrier because, at any moment, you can open your account on OnlineSIM and order a one-time virtual number.

Removal of Regional Restrictions

Thanks to the opportunity to order virtual phone numbers of local operators in more than 79 countries, you will no longer see the message “Sorry, this service is not available in your region” on the screen. Just select the desired country from the list in your account and click the “Order” button.

Can I Get a Free Virtual Phone?

For customers to be convinced of the convenience and efficiency of this type of registration, OnlineSIM offers a virtual number for SMS free. These numbers are updated regularly so that users do not have to worry about the security of their data. Try how easy and convenient it is. You should not use them all the time, as they are publicly available. It is better to order one of the other two types of virtual numbers offered by OnlineSIM:

●        Disposable

●        Long-term rental

Thanks to virtual phone numbers from OnlineSIM, the registration request will not stop you from going wherever you want in the Internet space.

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