6 Tips to Stay Productive

Contrary to popular opinion, smoking weed won’t make you lazy. It is possible to smoke pot every day and remain productive. Weed has a reputation for relaxation and creativity. Getting high releases dopamine in the brain’s area associated with writing and creativity when taken in moderation.

However, you need the discipline to manage between staying high and being productive in the workplace. A lazy stoner will not be effective if weed affects his energy level and ability to focus. Luckily, you can add some simple ways to your routine for a more productive experience with cannabis. Before consuming cannabis to work, here are a few tips to guide you.

1.  Pick a sustainable strain to stay proactive.

When vaping for productivity, select the right strain from hundreds available that will provide the desired effects. Your choice of the strain depends on the work you plan to do. For example, a focused, clear strain is perfect for intense and left-brain work, while a creative and expansive strain is better for artistic creation. 

Knowing the cannabinoid content of a strain can help you determine which type of high to use. Sativa is usually the best strain to be effective as they produce more energetic and inspiring effects. They differ from Indicas that create a relaxing effect. Consider Just Cannabis When selecting sustainable strain for your high. Adding CBD and THC to your strains can create an entourage effect to reduce anxiety and improve your memory.

2.  Set goals and deadlines

Decide what you want to accomplish in a day and write it down. The goals will create clarity in your work and keep you accountable. It allows your brain to focus on how to get the job done and ensure you stay productive without forgetting about an important point. The idea is to set realistic goals and adjust them for the next time, depending on how you performed.

In setting up the goals, have a to-do list before you get high to keep you occupied. For example, if you set goals at the start of your workday, your brain will prepare to do the work. One way of setting goals is to identify which milestone you hope to accomplish over a period and write it down.

3.  Stay active

The most important way to be productive while high is to stay active. Keep the momentum going throughout the day to avoid distractions and killing speed. Hence, start your high by getting straight into position to prime the brain and only stop when you’ve crossed out all items on the list.

Also, whenever working while high, don’t fall into the trap of procrastination or stopping the work to reward yourself. This often affects your concentration and the ability to achieve your set goals. By putting a stop to momentum when high, you will struggle to get back to speed again. Therefore, it is essential to stay active throughout the working period.

4.  Be realistic and know your limits.

Set realistic expectations about being high while at work. If you plan to do many things in a day, you may get overwhelmed and affect your concentration. Sometimes an overkill can affect your motivation and productivity in the long run. Don’t plan to do too many things in a day and end up with a half-finished list.

You need proper planning when coming up with a to-do list to make them realistic and achievable. Perhaps plan your day before getting high so you have a rational mind of what you can achieve. Limit your cannabis to work hours if you want to be productive and ensure it guides you to achieving the goals.

5.  Maintain a good diet

A balanced diet is a key to staying productive while high and ensuring your blood glucose is not dropping through the floor. Avoiding using weed while hungry as it risks your health and productivity. While eating a balanced diet, avoid overeating as it kills productivity.

You need the proper nutrients to keep your workday going smoothly. Start with a healthy breakfast to get yourself going, then snack on light and nutritious foods throughout the day to keep you alert and hydrated. Your brain should stay hydrated and nourished to optimize your productivity.

6.  Stay focused and organized.

Keep your workplace clean as the requisite to remain organized. Your immediate environment can affect both your productivity and motivation. Start by setting an effective working environment to avoid distractions and encourage single-minded focus. The key to being productive is to create an environment with few distractions to help you stay focused.

It is easy to get distracted while high if you don’t have a clean, decluttered workspace. Consider working away from the comfort of home and things that could distract you. When working in the office, taking a brief break to use cannabis can clear your mind. The key to properly using cannabis while working is to know how it will affect you and set the right boundaries.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing is to watch your dose when using cannabis to avoid sedative effects that will leave you feeling lazy. A productive workday is more compatible with impact at the lower end of a dose spectrum. Smoking in microdose form can get the most out of your workday. With these tips, be ready to rock a productive workday while high.

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