How to Create a Yoga Asana App

According to a study, more than 300 million individuals practice yoga all over the globe. But when we look at this figure from the perspective of profits and business, it is impressive. People of the USA alone invest $17 billion on yoga each year. This spiritual discipline is highly effective that makes it popular on every continent. Today’s modern technology makes yoga accessible to anyone and everyone through Smartphone devices. Search queries for meditation and yoga applications boosted by 70% between 2017 and 2018. It is driving several budding marketers and entrepreneurs to develop a yoga asana app. Application development needs today are met by a custom mobile app development company. Read along to know more.

Create Best Yoga App with These Steps

Yoga brings many psychological and physical benefits to the human body, making it popular continuously. Especially with the pandemic, more and more people seek ways to enhance immunity. Yoga can do this perfectly. You can search for the best yoga app on the Internet, take an idea and create your own. The perfect way to build this kind of app is by availing services from a custom mobile app Development Company. The steps involved in app creation are as follows:

  • Discovering the Target Audience for the App: Your target audience for your yoga asana app depends on the kind of yoga it aims to teach. These are the distinguishable yoga types:
  • Iyengar: It includes certain yoga poses that help in healing post-injury. It is mainly for people who find simple asanas challenging, such as children, pregnant women, etc.
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa: It is a yoga that is similar to aerobic workouts. This makes it ideal for teenagers as they find the yoga positions easy. Nine available vinyasas keep on flowing one after the other without repetitions and stopping. 

So, each segment of your app’s target audience can benefit from yoga and can treat numerous issues. The issues include bringing lifestyle changes, overcoming injury effects, fighting bad habits and a lot more. Discuss with the custom mobile app development companyteams this while your app is in the development stage.

Features of the Best Yoga App

A yoga asana app containing all-inclusive lessons of various difficulty levels will instantly appeal to yoga practitioners, both beginners and professionals. However, no matter how robust your yoga app ideas are, you cannot increase the rate of app downloads if you do not include the necessary features. A custom mobile app development companycan help you integrate essential features.

User features are:

  • Notifications: Every time you post a new update or a video in your yoga asana app, you can let them know about it through notifications.
  • Registration: Every application needs to carry this standard feature that offers users quick access to yoga programs. All they need to do is enter the phone number or register through social profiles.
  • Events: Students enrolling in your app can take a look at all planned yoga endeavors. In addition, they can choose to cancel classes or sign up for classes.

Yoga Teachers’ Features are:

  • Publish Class: In your yoga asana app, teachers must be able to craft their programs for offering to students.
  • Payment History: Teachers can witness the history of every payment received
  • Calendar Availability: With this feature, the yoga teacher can keep track of their schedule on a day-to-day basis. Then, depending on that, they can choose to cancel or sign up for classes.

Cost Breakdown

Few additional features in your yoga app affect the budget. These include Blog, eCommerce, Ratings and Reviews, Voice Instructions, Video on Demand, Real-time analytics, and many more.

The approximate time that is needed to develop a yoga app is as follows:

  • Testing – 300+
  • Visual prototypes – 60
  •  Backend development – 300-60
  • Specifications and business analytics – 80+
  • Admin panel – 80
  • Design part – 130-190

TOTAL – 900-1300+

Hence, the approximate cost of creating a yoga asana app will range somewhere from $32000 to $46000. Therefore, it is crucial to rely on a reputed custom mobile app development companyfor application development needs. The experts will help you save resources and never let you compromise with the app quality.

Final Say

We know how important yoga is in today’s world. Help the world gain access to the nits and bits of the discipline through your yoga asana app. Learn who your audience is, integrate important features, decide the revenue model, and estimate the budget and you are good to go. Create the best yoga app with a custom mobile app development companyand make the world a healthier place.

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